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Construction start times

PatrickPatrick Posts: 17Member
OOPS!! Sorry, have not gotten back sooner. Cops did show and warned them that they can be written up and that they can not start before 7:30. They have cooperated ever since and actually they worked real late last night. Think the guy about had a coranary last night when I got home, he had parked his truck in my yard and I think he was surprised that I did not care about it. The up side is that the work they have done really looks nice, think he would flip out if I asked him for a price for some work on our house??


  • PatrickPatrick Posts: 17Member
    Constructions site start time

    Have a question that fellow tradesmen's input would put my mind at ease. In a residential neighborhood what is the earliest start time before swinging hammers?? The reason I ask is that across the street from me the are swinging at 6 in the morning, not bad for me because I have to go to work but rest of the family does not have to be up. I went over and talked with them and got into a heated, uh, well lets say debate with them. Figured they would not do that again, wrong!!! This is the 3rd day and I finally called the Sheriff btu the have not showed as of yet, called over 3 hours ago. Am I being a to Irish in wanting to beat them up side of the head??? I can not decide. I know that in the city that you can not start before 8 a.m. but am having trouble finding ordinances for our little village.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!!
  • Andy MichlAndy Michl Posts: 6Member

    It might be wiser to buy the crew a case of beer to get them to try to be quiter in the morning. Any thig else will probally just be a pissing match.
  • hrhr Posts: 6,106Member
    A common practice in the heat

    of the summer is to start as early as possible and quit by 2:00. It is not very neighbor friendly practice in populated areas however!
    I can see both sides of this dilema as I try to start early also. My work isn't very noisey as a framing crew would be however.

    hot rod

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  • Mad DogMad Dog Posts: 2,595Member
    My incorporated village

    will not allow you to start until 7:30 am...and they will ticket the offender. I would follow the guys home and tell them that they wouldn't need an alarm clock any longer, because I'd be gettin them up at 430am from now Would stop believe me. Rude people respond to only one thing...what they know best. Mad Dog

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  • PatrickPatrick Posts: 17Member

    Come on over Mad Dog, I like the way you think. We can split the above mentioned beer and have some real fun driving them nuts. The guy is a real tool, when I went over to vent my frustrations he was behind the bushes letting his helpers get my rath(what a wussy), he waited until I was on my porch to yell something back. I told him to suck eggs and check the village ordinance. Talked with the cops and I guess they did go and have a "chat" with my new friends, if they start early tomorrow.........who knows what will happen.

    HR, I understand about the temps, I work on a lot of roofs in this heat too and as long as you hydrate and take breaks you will be fine. They chose that career knowing full well the climate we live in. There have been countless times that starting earlier, or even in the winter starting later, would have made the day much better, but customers dont care about that, they just want whatever it is fixed now. And I am sorry Andy, there is no way in hell that I would take them anything, especially a 12 pack and if I did they it would not be fit for human consumption.
  • Mad DogMad Dog Posts: 2,595Member
    I guess crazy Irishmen think

    alike......I agree wholeheartedly....if they can't handle the heat they should get an office job. We all like to start early and finish early, but that is no excuse for "disturbin' the peace" at an ungodly hour. Bribing them with beer???? General of The Army, Douglas Mac Arthur made it clear: "Appeasement but begets new and bloodier war!" Bringing over the beer as a gesture of peace would accomplish 2 things: The loudmouth would lose all respect for you AND you for yourself! He might be better for a while...until the beer ran out..then, he'd be demanding Heineken's next or Maybe Jack Daniels. As I've mentioned here, I've been on the other side of the fence recently, i.e., contractors working at my house. Started out treating them like Gold..buying lunch every saturday, stocking the fridge with soda, beer, and water, snacks, even BBq'd for them one day. Tipped the men at the end of the week too! One day I'm up in the office, and I hear them really raising hell. I went out there and politely asked them to pipe down was only 8am. Two of the guys made a face and spouted air like a whale surfacing....ok I thought..I'll ignore I turned to leave, I heard them diss me...I turned right back right in their faces and challenged them to repeat...they wouldn't dare. After that incident, I cut off the goodies and all else and you know what???? Their attitudes made a 180 degree improvement....good morning Matt et cetera....I've learned that it is vastly more important to be respected than to be liked....Mad Dog

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  • Mark HuntMark Hunt Posts: 4,909Member

    You shoulda' made them watch one of them tear jerker movies!

    Then you could have snapped a picture of the guys balling and threatened to show all of their friends if they didn't pipe down.

    Mark H

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  • Mad DogMad Dog Posts: 2,595Member

    What happened???? Patrick???? Mad Dog

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  • J.C.A.J.C.A. Posts: 349Member
    Early starters....

    (Mr. Milne will like this)
    I wish I could start earlier ! Customers won't let us in at those hours .They like to sleep and , as was so elequently pointed out , Their neighbors like us starting early even less .
    I'm a morning person .(be nice Mr.Milne) and would graciously accept going to a job at 5:30 , if I can get out and go fishing by 1:30 . Time may be money , but fishing in the early afternoon to me would be pleasure/priceless.
    The town I live in does hand out citations to "contractors" starting noisy work before 7:30 on weekdays , and 8:30 on Sundays. Most of the police folks are "contractors" of one sort or another in their off time so some slack is given. 1 warning , and the slack is gone .The neighbors pay their salaries , so precedence rules . (don't poop where you eat , so to speak)
    I lived with the crap that you are dealing with next-door for about 2 years ,(30 feet away) and it seemed to bother me less everyday, but I know you bought your home to not have to deal with this crap .Please think about how you make your money ...and give them the benefit of the doubt .
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