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garage heating - Molson

J Matthers
J Matthers Member Posts: 24
is that slab sheild? What kind of tape did you use on the joints?


  • Molson
    Molson Member Posts: 6
    garage heating

    In regards to a slab on grade detached garage. How far back from the garage door opening would you run pipe? Would you stay 6 inchs from the wall like the rest of the building or would you recommend keeping the pipe in the garage door opening farther away from the edge? 4 outside walls makes this an interesting pipe lay out as well. Any suggestions ?
  • Bill NTSG
    Bill NTSG Member Posts: 321
    It depends

    .....on which way the door is facing. I had a couple of cases where the door was North facing and we actually ran the tube right out 2 ft. beyond the door to prevent icing. Good thing too. It worked well. But, requires more heat and thought and insulation. I have seen garage doors in non-radiant heated garages freeze to the floor at the weather stripping. So if water and freezing are not an issue 6-8" should be ok. Another thing is, do you want the garage to be 70° or is 55° ok on a cold day? Is it ok if the edge is cool? Does the car mind? I think the car would be happy just to be in out of the weather. If it is for a work shop then human comfort has to be considered. Most of the garages I have done only heat cars. What a shame.
  • Bill NTSG
    Bill NTSG Member Posts: 321

    must have a comment for this guy. Before he falls off the wall.
  • Mike Kraft
    Mike Kraft Member Posts: 406
    I'll offer my 2 cents

    The garages I've done I ran the tube right up to the door jambs.Then I run four to six 6" loops befor changing to 12" centers.I have not ran outside the door with the tube as Bill has done.This does sound like a great idea.I suppose an ice build up can accumulate but that probably depends on the type of weather the winter brings.Also bringing the tube outside of the "envelope" would add anti-freeze to the system.

  • Bill NTSG
    Bill NTSG Member Posts: 321

    Yes it had to get antifreeze and a flat plate exchanger. But I was doing the brick paver walk anyway.
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    I'd run up to the door

    I would think this would be adequate to keep the door weatherstrip from freezing to the slab. The edge insulation detail is always a challange at the slab to driveway joint.
    A detached garage, unless checked every day or two would probably be a good candiate for an anti freeze system. Nothing worse than frozen pex in a slab to ruin your day!

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  • Mike Kraft
    Mike Kraft Member Posts: 406
    Slab Shield,yes

    I used duct tape to "spot tape" the joints as we layed it.Then I used aluminum tape to finish.I'm calling it aluminum and am not 100% sure what it is made of.Duct tape does not last forever and if the HVAC joint tape is aluminum it will corode with the concrete I believe.We lap the joints 1".The material is very strong and very easy to work with.

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