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An opportunity (but only for some of you!) - Dan H.

DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 15,368
(Here's a press release from Woody. Take a minute to read it and then I'll tell you what I know about these two - Dan H.)

Construction Break, a newsletter service currently serving 125 construction-related firms in 39 states and Canada, is now available in eleven new states—Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Utah, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming. Construction Break offers contractors an easy and affordable way to produce a customized promotional newsletter to mail to customers and prospects.

Published quarterly in a choice of two, three or four-color format, the interior of the four-page newsletters contains humor, helpful tips, trivia, inspirational quotes and similar materials designed to make the publication interesting and fun for readers. The front and back pages feature text and photos customized for the client, such as project profiles, staff spotlights, tips for homeowners or businessowners, and articles on service and maintenance, new products and payment plans.

“Clients supply us with their own content and photos and we edit the copy, design the newsletter, do the layout, print, fold and ship the newsletters to the client,” says David W. “Woody” Wood, a partner in Construction Break. “All they need to do when they receive them is put on address labels and mail them.”

Construction Break offers territorial exclusivity, allowing only one firm to use the service within a given 50-mile radius. Territories are awarded on a first come, first served, basis.

“With the industry becoming more and more competitive, plumbing and mechanical contractors are recognizing the need to actively promote their services and build relationships,” says Wood. “A company newsletter, if done well, can not only provide regular communication with clients and prospects, but is also an opportunity to subtly promote the firm’s capabilities and accomplishments.”

Construction Break’s light approach is a deliberate strategy. “Given the volume of material that people are exposed to every day, if you want to get your message across you’ve got to entertain, as well as inform them,” Wood adds.

Construction Break was started in 1995 by Wood, a nationally known industry writer, marketing consultant and three-time winner of the Construction Writers Association’s T. Randolph Russell Award for newsletters, and Lorraine Cline, owner of Cline Design, an award-winning graphic design firm based in Andover, N.H. More than a dozen of Construction Break’s clients’ newsletters have won awards themselves.

Information packages, including samples, pricing and a publishing schedule, are available upon request. Contact David W. Wood, 503 E. Deering Road, Deering, NH 03244; phone: 800-439-9663; fax: 603-529-3180; e-mail: [email protected]; website:


Okay, now a word from me. I've known Woody and Lorraine for years. They are incredibly good at what they do. If you've ever seen "Words from Woody," the award-winning newsletter, you'll know what I mean. It's a great-looking combination of fun and news that nails you to your seat as soon as it arrives in the mail. Woody and Lorraine bring that same talent and ability to capture attention to "Construction Break." If you're a pro who is looking to get more business. this is a very cost-effective way to do it. And I especially like the way they offer exclusive territories.

I was talking with Woody yesterday and he told me that he has NO ONE using "Construction Break" in the entire state of Connecticut. What an opportunity for some bright professional to sew this thing up!
Retired and loving it.
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