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American Standard Rooftop ???

Steve Ebels
Steve Ebels Member Posts: 904
I was helping a friend install an American Standard rooftop unit today and I am 100% perplexed. We finished the 3 phase wiring and I opened up the panel to connect the low and high voltage lines. To my complete amazement, there is no terminal strip to connect the thermostat to. In fact, I see no terminal strip of any kind on the control panel. As in R,W1,W2,C,G,Y1,Y2 etc. I have to be missing something here. Has anyone had any experience with these.

Signed: A boiler guy that's in over his head.

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  • Larry_7
    Larry_7 Member Posts: 86
    Terminal strips

    I'm not too familiar with the Am. Std. brand but have seen numerous other brands that don't have a strip for control wiring. I think it's pretty crappy to pull the door and find a nest of wires connected with wire nuts. I've thought about using aftermarket strips but the connections seem too exposed and looks like it would invite smoke. I guess an on-board strip would run the cost of the equip. up too much to stay competitive. Maybe they could offer it as an accessory. I'll pay the extra $1.00. Meanwhile, I got a whole bag of teeny wire nuts on the dash.

  • Wayne_2
    Wayne_2 Member Posts: 10

    American Standard rooftops have a terminal board on the right side of the control panel, they are numbered from 1 up. They use a special digital stat but an electronic interface board is available to use a conventional stat.
  • Floyd
    Floyd Member Posts: 429
    Am. Standard

    American Standard uses a Mirco electric control that does alot of things for air, kinda the same way that Tekmar does for boilers.
    Who ever sold this unit should have known enough to sell a t-stat with the unit!!!!
    Then all you do is wire number to number and startup is very simple!!!
    Once again it sounds like someone dropped the ball and failed to do their job.

    If you need help, e-mail me with model # of unit and I can look up part# of the t-stat that you need.

    As Wayne stated, you can also get a CTI board that will allow you to hookup a conventional t-stat to the unit, but you will lose the "intelligent" features of the Micro-electric control, which is no problem depending on which unit you have.

    Good luck!!

  • Steve Ebels
    Steve Ebels Member Posts: 904
    Thanks Guys

    I knew I could count on the most intelligent and practiced bunch of heating people on the planet. The unit in question does have a terminal strip numbered from 1-20 in the upper right corner of the control panel box. It's a 12 1/2 ton two stage heat/AC unit, model # is YCH151C3L0AA 208/230V 3 phase. I kind of thought something like this was up because the installation book said nothing about a t-stat, only a bunch of different electronic controls.

    David, or anyone, what would you suggest for this application? It's being used to cool off a small rubber molding factory after work has ended for the day. (the load would be astronomical when all the presses are on) The owner just wanted to cool the place off to enhance drying of parts and to let his workers at least start out in a decent ambient temp each morning. It will run only at night when the place is empty.

    The A/S distributor gave me the telephone equivalent of a blank stare when I inquired about this problem yesterday afternoon. They said they would find out and get right back to me. Yeh, Right. NOT!! Never heard another thing from them yesterday. They even shipped a regular W/R programmable 2 stage thermostat with the unit. Go figure.

    Anyone from American Standard listening to this? Your products are too good to be handled/sold in this manner.

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  • don_9
    don_9 Member Posts: 395
    drop cooling

    Steve,we had done a couple of print shop,we dont try to cool the whole building as you said that would be a big cost.we drop vent right above each work station,Happy
    worker better production.for this kind of application
    drop cooling the only way to go.Hope this help don
  • Floyd
    Floyd Member Posts: 429
    Good help's hard to find!!!!

    Seem's like these guy's really didn't do their homework!!!
    The info is right here in my Am. Standard book in black and white!!!
    What you need is a ASYSTAT663B or 666B.
    Also the BAYCTH1001C Conventional Thermostat Interface board would do the trick to hookup the W/R that you already have.
    The excessive cooling loads should'nt be a problem, but you will run higher than normal suction pressures.
    Also may have to make sure you keep the condenser coils very clean.
    I would think that production would benifit, though if you would at least give some spot cooling to the workers during the day, by running some ducts to where they are working.

    You do have a 1st class unit there.... to bad the dis. is dropping the ball on you!!!!

  • Steve Ebels
    Steve Ebels Member Posts: 904
    What's the difference between

    The 663B and the 666B. Wish I had one of those books!


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  • Floyd
    Floyd Member Posts: 429
    The 666

    is programmable with night setback and has function lights.
    The 663 is still a dual setpoint with manual or auto change over,not that it matters, you probably won't ever need the heat.
    Just thought that maybe if the 666 is available you would want to get it so you could get that unit up and running.
    Also remember, if you can get a hold of the BAYCTH1001C interface board, you can use that W/R t-stat.

    Good luck!!

  • Steve Ebels
    Steve Ebels Member Posts: 904
    Just wanted to say

    Thanks, to all who gave advice and input on my problem. The 666B room sensor was just what the doctor ordered. Works like a charm. The rooftop by the way, kicks out some seriously cold air and removes a smidge over a gallon of water from the air every 10 minutes.

    The distributor that furnished the unit is new to American Standard and had no knowledge at all about the controls needed to operate it. In their defense, when I told them what was needed, (thanks to you guys) they drove 120 miles to A/S's central warehouse and picked up the part to have it at their place for me to pick up (90 miles) yesterday afternoon.

    Thanks Again

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  • Floyd
    Floyd Member Posts: 429
    Glad to hear....

    that you had a helpfull supply house that was willing to go the extra mile!!!!
    Have always had nothing but great performance from the A/S units!!
    Hope you customer is happy also!

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