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Tubing Tie-Down

Lets see... plastic zip ties or galvanized concrete ties a'la Wirsbo or, why not just use those cheap, rustable re-bar ties you can buy for less by the 10,000s? Any clear downside to using the rebar ties?


  • kevin_5kevin_5 Posts: 308Member
    Wirsbo stapler

    Why not use the Wirsbo manual stapler? I have used Wirsbo wire ties, and the rusty ones too, as well as plastic cable ties, but I'll never go back to any of those after I tried the Wirsbo black plastic barbed staples.

    I was very skeptical how well they would hold, as the He-pex is rather stiff especially on the turns. I'd heard the staples worked well on rigid foam board but on r-foil or slab shield type products????? Well, I'm a believer now. Give it a try.
  • Mark Eatherton1Mark Eatherton1 Posts: 2,542Member
    Careful with the plastic staples...

    Especially if the concrete is being pumped. The velocity of the concrete from the hose is enough to blow the tubing right out of the staples hold and you end up with tubing going pretty much wherever it wants to. Not a pretty picture with cement trucks lined up ready to spill their guts all over your floating tubing... Been there, done that, once. The ties that Wirsbo sells are aluminum if I'm not mistaken. They disolve faster.

    Be careful with the ties too. I've been back to see tube tied to mesh with those fancy twist tiers, and the tube was actually dented where the tie was tied too tight. It's not a clamp, just a holder...

    For 5/8" we use the cheapo steel ones. I suspect they'll eventually disolve too. For 1/2" we use the E-Z clip on steel mesh. Alan Forbes had a picture of that somewhere.


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