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Aquapex for stapel up - Bigheadtodd

Bigheadtodd Member Posts: 20
I have been asked to finish a job, another company started.

It is a stapel up application, piped in aquapex. My question is, will this pipe squeak as it warms up and cools down ? Should I consider constant circ to help with the expansion and contraction? Should I include a HX to isolate the non barrier tube?

Thanks in advance Todd


  • John Felciano
    John Felciano Member Posts: 411

    As I'm sure your aware pex has a huge expansion rate.And it's likely to make some noise,especially if it's in thin aluminum plates.Constant circulation will help dramatically.Their will still be the large expansion but it will be a much slower process.

    You will need some sort of heat exchanger if your boiler is made of ferrous components or there will be problems down the road.

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  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    Non barrier pex hr

    How is the tube fastened and to what? Non barrier tube should be isolated from the ferrous components or use all non ferrous heater, purger, and pumps.
    The expansion rate should be similar to the hepex I'll bet. Reset controls are a nice feature both for temperature swings in the tube, and fuel efficiency.
    I'd consider a MZ, Munchkin, Viessmann or other stainless steel heaters with a bronze or stainless pump. It may be less hassle then a seperate HX and reset is a piece of cake on condensing equipment.
    Was a heat loss calc done? Is it accurate? What kind of supply temperatures? Hard to heat a building that was under tubed :)

    hot rod

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  • heatboy
    heatboy Member Posts: 1,468
    BHT, I would approach it..........

    the same way I would do any other project except with a HX and stainless or bronze components downstream. I haven't done a large project (or most smaller ones, for that matter) without reset, so that would help minimize the expansion issues associated with any PEX. Before you try running the heating system without a HX, check with whatever boiler manufacturer you select about this issue. I know Viessmann won't warranty any non-barrier installation without a HX and I can only guess most others would be the same. You could always use a dedicated water heater and forgo the HX. I can't believe I just typed that ;-)


    PS Why did the other contractor go? That's surely something I would want to know both sides of before proceeding.

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  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    HB are you sure about

    the non barrier/ Viessmann with the Vitoden? Seem like a stainless steel hx boiler would be fine with non barrier. i wouldn't purposly use non barries, sounds like something he has to deal with.
    I think that Viessmann hx started out in the domestic water heating equipment.
    As you know a seperate hx involves additional pumps, air purgers,expansion tank, LWC. relief, fill, etc. Lot of extra components if you really don't need them. Just thinking.


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  • Earthfire
    Earthfire Member Posts: 543
    I would

    check on the plates to be sure that they are installed correctly cause if overstapled they will haunt you. Last man in is always at fault! and all other cautions on nonbarrier pipe apply . Sounds like somebody was low balling or not too experienced and got out or owner is tightwad and not coming up with enough green backs. DANGER DANGER RED FLAG
  • Vern
    Vern Member Posts: 5
    Run a credit check

    Double check the owner / builder to make sure he isn't tryig to get a free system. Or ask for a certified check or a bank letter of credit to make sure you get paid.
  • Bigheadtodd
    Bigheadtodd Member Posts: 20
    New Wall Format, not sure how to say thanks

    Thankyou everyone for your responses, not sure how to respond on the wall with the new format.

    I got answers to my post beamed directly to my Email, got to love that.

    If somebody that answers my post has a question, should I Email them back directly, or do I go to the wall.

    If I want to say thanks, what do I do. Go directly, or go to the wall.

    Any way, I sure appreciate everyone that took the time to help little ol me out. Thanks

    Dan, I have been comeing to the wall from the beginning, my how times or changeing, thanks soooooo much.

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