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Reduced price for not replacing an indirect tank while replacing a boiler

Brad_Q Member Posts: 2
edited March 25 in Radiant Heating
I got a few quotes for replacing a 13 year old TT Prestige that had a broken bolt on the heat exchanger. 1 contractor wanted to 'fix' it, but TT tech support said it was not safely fixable, and the heat exchanger would have to be replaced, so I figured it was time for a new boiler. It also looked like the indirect TT Smart tank was leaking, so I included that in my request for bids. When the contractor replaced the boiler, he noticed that the indirect tank "leak" was just from a failed pressure tank above the indirect, so he replaced that, and that took care of the problem. The new boiler is working fine, as is the old tank, but two questions remain: 1. How much less should I have to pay since they did not replace the indirect? They initially billed me as if they had replaced it, then they knocked $ off the price, then changed that to $. Seems to me that a new indirect (65 gallon) with installation would cost more than $. Question 2. The new boiler is an IBC SL 14-115G3, (I tried to talk them down to an 85, but both bidders wanted to use the same size that they were replacing) and it has the touchscreen controller. When I checked the settings, it does not show a temperature for the outdoor sensor. I suspect that the outdoor sensor is either not connected or the reset is not set up properly. Is my hunch correct? Thanks!


  • Alan (California Radiant) Forbes
    Yeah, call them back for the outdoor sensor and make sure they program the boiler for the outdoor reset (ODR) for your area properly. Many contractors call ODR troublesome.

    We're not supposed to talk prices here on HeatingHelp, but ask them for a breakdown.

    The SL is a good boiler, but make sure you register for the warranty. Ten years on the heat exchanger.
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    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,544
    Very common for contractors to try and do this. They want money but don't like to give it back LOL.

    I would look at the price of a new indirect plus some pipe and fittings (this is if they are simply able to connect to the existing piping). If they were to include new valves and a new circulator then that is more money. Then there is labor and markup and sales tax

    Try to come up with a reasonable estimate including mark up and sales tax.

    I would ask them if the old tank fails in 6 months or a year and you call them will they replace it for the amount they are giving you back?

    You might get a deer in the headlights look for a response.

    We can't talk price here

    You can go on Supply House. Com and look at indirect WH prices. A quick look shows $1200-$2000 depending on tank size so they should give you back more $ and that is just the tank cost, labor sales tax, fittings and MU would be added to that.

    Don't know about the OA sensor. Look at the wiring diagram and see if it has been installed. You should see a wire running from the boiler to the outside wall.

    They may say "you didn't have one b4 so we didn't include it.
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,670
    was the quote or bill itemized? dealer pricing can be very weird depending on what sort of relationship they have with the manufacturer. some items they may get a huge discount on, others they may pay nearly what you would. they probably didn't quote it at less than the suplyhouse.com price but they might have quoted significantly more
  • Brad_Q
    Brad_Q Member Posts: 2
    Thanks all.
    The previous boiler (TT) had an outdoor sensor, and they seem to have reused that wire, and it runs into the boiler. I will ask them to come out and make that work.
    No itemized quote or clearly itemized bill, just a short list and a total price. But where I live, I was only able to get two quotes, neither of which provided price itemization, just a total price. And I went with a local contractor who was able to get to it just a week later. We really wanted to get hot water running again.
    I felt bad that I hadn't paid them anything yet, so I went ahead and paid the original quote minus what I think it would cost to replace the indirect. If they want more, they will need to first make the outdoor sensor work and then explain exactly why they want more. I already tried: "I don't think you would be willing to replace the indirect for the price reduction you are offering." Ha ha.
    Thanks again.