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Air vent waking the neighborhood

mkarcher Member Posts: 1
Air is SCREAMING out of the radiator air vent in my first floor living room (labeled A) when the system turns back on from energy save mode (5AM & 4PM). It is a brand new Gorton Vapor Equalizing Valve No. C.

Plumber installed a new main vent (labeled C) in an effort to fix the problem with no luck. The main vent hardly makes a peep while the radiator vent continues to wake the whole house up.

Radiator (labeled A) is the second to last on line. Radiator (labeled B ) is last on line and has no issues. Main vent (labeled C) comes off the return line and sits about 12" above the main line.

How do I get most of the air out via the main vent when system recovers?


  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,432
    What pressure is the boiler running at?
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,519
    Water is getting in the main vent not allowing it to vent. As @kcopp if your running the pressure to high this will cause problems. Water will get in that vent due to too high a pressure especially with the vent coming off of the return line on the side. The main air vent should come off the main. If you can't put it there put it on the riser to one of those two radiators. Unless running a lower pressure fix things.
  • Neild5
    Neild5 Member Posts: 167
    How much of a temperature set back do you have in the "energy saving mode"?