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Caleffi Discal Dirt Mag vs. Spirovent & Adey Magnaclean

Bcos17 Member Posts: 8
Planning a new hydronic install off a Williamson cast iron boiler. Debating between the all in one dirt and air separator from Caleffi vs separate units from Spirovent for air and Adey Magnaclean XP2 for dirt/metal. Does anyone have any preference or see a benefit to one vs the other?


  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 7,840
    edited February 28
    I believe all three companies hav all three product choices. The company does not matter, the features do. But @hot_rod can tell you why Caleffi is better LOL

    How the systems operate should be considered. You want to stop junk from entering the boiler, so the magnet/filtering/strainer device should be on the return to stop the junk before it enters the boiler. The air separator does the best job if it is placed on the supply side of the boiler with the circulator pump placed directly after the air vent, and the expansion tank placed on the opening at the bottom of the vent.

    If $$$$ is not a concern, I would choose separate units. But I do not see the reason for a DirtMag on a cast iron boiler unless the system is really clogged with lots of metal laden sludge. Most systems are not. But each system is unique.
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  • dko
    dko Member Posts: 600
    Bar none the Caleffi XF is the best choice to make.
    Depending on when you're going to pull the trigger, it should be readily stocked.

    As for the air eliminators
    I only recommend these
    Caleffi Discal
    Resideo (Honeywell) Supervent
    Webstone H-7x00

    I stopped selling Spirovents a while back in lieu of the above options
    Spirovent's thin copper wire mesh just doesn't hold up except for the cleanest, chemically treated, and well maintained systems. The mesh deteriorates quicker than the rest and doesn't hold it's design/shape very long which is what gives it it's effectiveness. It's also the hardest to access and you have to split the body while the rest has an easy access cap.

    Spirovents are simply replaced when they start leaking, even if it just needed some float cleaning, the mesh would be so far gone. Haven't seen one opened that maintained it's original shape.

    The rest can be opened easily and cleaned.

    Resideo/Webstone use a stainless steel mesh
    Caleffi uses a glass-filed nylon mesh which is similar to the material used for impellers in your circulators.

    I'd give the Caleffi a higher score due to parts being more accessible and available.