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Comprehensive checklist/advice for hydronic annual maintenance?

delcrossv Member Posts: 651
edited January 16 in THE MAIN WALL
been poking through the archives and I can't find a comprehensive checklist for annual hydronic system maintenance.

I know what I need to do for the steam systems I maintain, but anything special for hot water?

Presently, I'm presented with two hydronic systems: CI boilers, single circulator, piped in copper. Neither has bleeds on the fintube, just an outlet in the boiler room. Any advice on purging with this set up? Do I need a pump?

So aside from cleaning the exchanger and burners, checking the safeties, making sure the valves work and having the combustion checked, anything else? I imagine I shouldn't be flushing the already deoxygenated water? Or should I drain a little from the boiler to check for sludge?

One that had the boiler replaced a few years ago, needs a good purge and I'm going to add an EAS + Airtrol to that one.

Trying to squeeze the best out of a Weil-McLain JB-5 running a 1912 1 pipe system.


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 21,793
    All boilers should have a central air purger near the hot supply from the boiler. That is where you catch and eliminate air, always and automatically. Bleeders out in the system are mainly for start up.
    Air comes out of solution when it is heated. If it is not removed it goes back into solution as the system cools. You need to get it 100% gone.
    Many of the boiler manufacturers have online videos detailing the proper clean and check and calibration.
    Plenty of technicians have you tube videos als.

    Also all boiler manuals have water spec info. Hardness, ph, maybe chlorides and others, the water should meet that spec. Officially your warranty depends on it!

    About 400 bucks can buy you a few of the important test kits. Or send a water sample to
    Rhomar or Fernox for a more in depth water analysis. Find the forms on their websites.

    Some hydronic wholesalers have fluid test set ups, as well as boiler reps.
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • delcrossv
    delcrossv Member Posts: 651
    thanks for the lead!
    Trying to squeeze the best out of a Weil-McLain JB-5 running a 1912 1 pipe system.