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In-floor oxypex question

du015 Member Posts: 1
Hello All,

I was cutting for the toilet flange and had to go a bit wide due to obstructions below the floor. I hit some oxypex. Picture below. How would you guys fix this?! I imagine it’s pex-b so I don’t think an expansion fitting is an option. And I would like to avoid chipping up tile as the tile guys aren’t here. Do I just have to chip away around the pex with a dremmel or something until I can fit push-to-connect fittings? Any help would be hugely appreciated. 


  • Larry Weingarten
    Larry Weingarten Member Posts: 3,137
    Hi, What is underneath? I'd be tempted to cut back a foot on each side and install a piece of PEX that clears the toilet with some spare room. Leave the connections exposed if you can. just in case.

    Yours, Larry
  • GroundUp
    GroundUp Member Posts: 1,737
    What does the owner of the property want to do? Ultimately, it's their decision.
  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 20,725
    Carefully chip away as much as possible and see if you have enough flex to add two crimp couplings
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,492
    Infloor radiant and Wax seals are not the best match..Imagine heat melting wax the seal which will cause the Toilet to leak at the base. :(
    I would repair it as Larry has suggested. :)
  • psb75
    psb75 Member Posts: 754
    Start by removing large sections of tile. Much of the repair will be under the toilet base. Your choice of
    the place to cut the hole was a large gamble with "not good" odds.