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2 Questions about a Triangle Tube Boiler

Rich Davis_2
Rich Davis_2 Member Posts: 117
1. In the last couple weeks my Prestage Solo60 boiler locks out when trying to fire. E 02 I hit reset and it might lite on the 3rd attempt maybe not. I noticed if I put my hand up to the venturi tube just as it is trying to ignitate for a sec. it will lite. I haven't checked combustion yet so hopefully it's that. Just in case I'm replacing the igniter and wire. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
2. Has anyone had any trouble with the foam rubber that covers the inside of the cabinet disingrating? I installed my boiler in 2010 and the rubber is crumbling. Is it really needed? I want to remove it before a piece gets sucked into the blower.


  • GGross
    GGross Member Posts: 1,070
    Crumbling rubber inside implies to me that you are recirculating flue gases, combine this with your test of choking down the intake air and I would almost bet money that your boiler is recirculating flue gases. Remove and inspect the igniter, post a photo if you are unsure, you almost definitely will need a new one. In addition to this remove and inspect the venturi, post a photo as well if you are unsure. I keep a good and bad one on hand to show new guys who are unfamiliar, if the inside of the venturi feels even a little rough, I would put money on it being perforated. Once the venturi is changed it is critical that you set the combustion up with a digital analyzer. Below are some photos of a good and bad venturi, these 2 are different from one another and may not be exactly like yours but should be similar. If your venturi looks like the bad one I show then it is critical that it be changed out and combustion set properly, as well you must fix the flue gas recirculation issue. The boiler that had this bad venturi was running at over 9000PPM CO it sent my analyzer into a fit haha

    Good venturi, this one is brand new albeit a little dusty

    Bad venturi, noticed the little bit of roughness on the visible part before removal, after removal I noticed the perforation in the back