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How to keep heat on for one floor but not the other without thermostat?

Dingobo Member Posts: 1
edited October 2023 in Plumbing
So a friend of mine did this (shown in image). He said that he only wants heat on the first floor but not on second nor the basement. Does this work? by shutting off water like this?

If not, is there a solution to it? Just first floor has heating but not the other, and without using the thermostat. (he think its busted.)

Also, furance turn on for a second and turn itself on. I think his thermostat still picking temperature on second floor. so when it sense low temp, it turn heat on. but since we shut off the ball valve in the boiler room, no water is going up.


  • Teemok
    Teemok Member, Email Confirmation Posts: 511
    It's hard to say much with that limited info. It's better to disable the thermostat. Either by thermostat being switched off or it's connections behind it disconnected and taped or at the control connection for that zone. If the boiler is kept hot all the time because a thermostat is calling for heat but the zone can't be satisfied due to a closed valve, you're wasting heat and will likey burn out the pump if it can't circulate water.
  • bburd
    bburd Member Posts: 923
    If the weather gets below freezing, disabling a zone completely may lead to frozen and burst pipes. That would more than wipe out any savings in fuel. The usual practice is to maintain 55 to 60° F in the zone where you don't want heat.

    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,622

    I would suggest finding a contractor or service provider.