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[Long Island] Nassau County Oil Burner Annual Tune-Up

ljcabc Member Posts: 1
Hi All - new to the long island and the house we bought came with an oil burner / furnace. The previous owner used Petro and I don't plan to sign a contract with them for the oil/burner servicing.

Been trying to find a trust-worthy professional who can service my oil burner before the winter hits. Can someone pls recommend a professional on the long island that services New Hyde Park and would be great if you would also share a ballpark of how much one is expected to pay.



  • Steamhead
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  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,505
    Plenty of lawn-giland techs on here.

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  • Mad Dog_2
    Mad Dog_2 Member Posts: 7,095
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    I'm in the next town.  Labor prices are not discussed here.  There are not alot of freelance oil burner guys or companies.  The best techs are with Big Companies like Petro. The best I can suggest for you in our area would be Nuzzi Fuel.  Small, family owned, honest, very good. They charge what they charge.  Many C.O.D. oil customers (no contract) often don't think they need a through, yearly cleaning and service and look to avoid the cost.  

    Gas boilers you'll get by alot longer...oil..no.  Call them.  Good luck.  Mad Dog 🐕 
  • jesmed1
    jesmed1 Member Posts: 560
    edited September 2023
    Make sure you get the chimney inspected and cleaned if necessary by a professional chimney sweep. You never know what the previous owners and boiler techs did or didn't do. I grew up next door in Suffolk County, and back in the bad old days before boiler techs had advanced equipment for adjusting oil burners, they adjusted the flame "by eye," which could result in a very sooty flame that would then soot up the chimney. Eventually the soot would build up inside the chimney until it all collapsed back into the boiler and seeped out into the house, leaving a sooty coating over ever surface in the house. Called "puffback." This happened to our house once, and it was a nightmare (circa 1980). You do not ever want that to happen to you.

    Probably your oil burner has been adjusted correctly with modern equipment, but you never know what happened there in the bad old days, and if there's soot in the chimney from long ago, you want to get it all out before it ends up on every wall of your interior.
    Mad Dog_2