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Buzzing noise

ariccio Member Posts: 27

I live in a 1960 multifamily high rise apartment building. We have a low pressure vacuum steam system. Of course, the building is way out of wack, and most of the steam traps haven't been replaced since I was little... I found a "learning to read" type of card when I made them change the trap in my room.

Now here's the weird issue. The steam trap in one room is making this loud buzzing noise! I made them change it, so it's a functional trap. It's coming directly from the trap too, I've checked with a mechanics stethoscope.

Listen here, since I can't upload an audio clip to the forum:


  • Big Ed_4
    Big Ed_4 Member Posts: 2,709
    Do you get heat ? If so let it go , in a multi high rise there are too many variables for you to correct ...
    I have enough experience to know , that I dont know it all
  • ariccio
    ariccio Member Posts: 27
    I do. Lots of people don't. I wonder if the pressure is so high that it's causing this. Last time I was in the boiler room I saw it near 2 psi... Would that cause a steam trap to scream if it's designed for low pressure steam vacuum?
  • reggi
    reggi Member Posts: 503
    It sounds more like a Vacuum sucking than Pressure leaking.... Just because the unit is hot doesn't mean there's steam still filling it... It could be something in the trap seat blocking the surfaces from smoothly mating... vacuum is my bet..if it's still buzzing..
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  • NYCSupah
    NYCSupah Member Posts: 1
    Sounds like vacuum to me as well, however I did once install a steam trap that groaned like something out of a horror movie.
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,469
    What if you close down the valve on the emitter to slow the steam down? There is probably a mostly closed setting where you get enough heat and less velocity.
  • ariccio
    ariccio Member Posts: 27
    Well, y'all will get a kick out of this. They're running a mobile boiler while replacing the actual boiler. Tonight this radiator reached 255°F.

    ...this is like, 15psi, right?

    I'm actually amazed they're getting it that high. I will CACKLE at the board if the new boiler ends up blowing steam out of the pressure relief.