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Return of the lost radiator- removing a plug

hbock Member Posts: 9
I'm looking to re-add a radiator (one pipe steam) that was removed from my kitchen some time ago- maybe 15-20+ years ago.  This plug seems to be where the original supply went.  I have to imagine it's sealed shut at this point, but maybe not?

I'm tempted to try to open it up after heating season and pipe it myself- everything's easily accessible - but I'm afraid to damage the pipe or the encapsulated asbestos lagging.

How would you do it safely? I'm not opposed to calling in a pro if I'm likely to cause more damage to the main, but it seems like a fun project.  Or a quick way to inhale some fibers.

Mad Dog_2


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,347
    You can get that out without damaging the asbestos.
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 15,891
    Soak it overnight with penetrating oil, then use an impact wrench. Should come right out.
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  • reggi
    reggi Member Posts: 364
    @EdTheHeaterMan ....  And where you stand and grab when applying torque?  
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  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 5,365
    @reggi Once you get it set up, you can stand to the side and add the torque.

    I worked with a plumber that has a Ridgid compound leverage pipe wrench already made for this application. When I saw it, I said to myself... "Self... So you didn't invent anything new... You just came up with someone else's invention on your own."
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    reggiMad Dog_2
  • reggi
    reggi Member Posts: 364
    @EdTheHeaterMan ..
    No matter how you look at it nobody can say you don't have a "creative  imagination/mind"..👍
    One way to get familiar something you know nothing about is to ask a really smart person a really stupid question
  • Mad Dog_2
    Mad Dog_2 Member Posts: 4,450
    You have two options with the suspected ACM (asbestos containing materials).  Soak down all the surrounding covering (from all sides) with warm soapy water (joy liquid) before you put any torque in the plug.   Or get #77 Rubberizing Spray by 3 M which we use in the abatement industry to bind fibersand keep them from going airborne  Mad Dog 🐕