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Lochinvar Epic EPB080N Vs IBC VX110 boiler quality and operating noise query

polman Member Posts: 4
Hello from Montreal,
Am looking for a replacement for my 25 year old cast iron gas boiler that has telltale signs of aging. I have received quotes and have short listed two condensing boilers:
a. Lochinvar Epic 80,000 BTU (Canadian version of the Noble I believe)
b. IBC VX 110,000 BTU
Both have stainless fire tube heat exchangers with designs that seem to allow for easy service. Parts are readily available as both are built in North America.

Which unit is the most quiet to operate?

Which unit quality build is most likely to help contribute to a longer life?

I have boiler sizing concerns but will tackle in a separate post.

Thank You


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,476
    You might search and see if the manufacturers publish decibel levels. I know that side wall venting can be annoying for a close neighbor, or if you have a bedroom window close by.
    Tthe exhaust seems to be the noisiest part. Vent thru the roof if possible.

    Both of those brands are top quality, maybe someone has tested them for noise levels.

    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
    Living the hydronic dream
  • polman
    polman Member Posts: 4
    Hot_Rod thank you for response. The boiler will be exhausted through existing chimney. So no worries about exterior noise. Am more concerned on operational fan noise inside the house. The contractor selling the IBC told me that his unit is less noisy than the Lochinvar. Sadly no decibel specs are published or given by manufacturers. I have no way of knowing. Does anyone have experience on how noisy / quiet both units are?
  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,448
    Both will be pretty quiet. What is it replacing? I have the IBC Superflow and that is very quiet.
  • Derheatmeister
    Derheatmeister Member Posts: 1,572
    Do your Quotes reflect combustion air piped to the boiler ?
    Both will sound like a mini Jet engine @ high fire if you take the combustion air from the inside vs outside...
    IMO the intake air can be very Loud and annoying if not handled correctly..

    On our last 10.000 feet/LP gas Lochinvar install we used the existing B vent for our exhaust and combustion air as per manufacturers installation instructions.
    On our last IBC SL series install i did not see this option in the installation instructions.

    I am guessing that both boilers will be in the same db rating.

    Both boilers are great boilers but one should remember that a boiler is only as good as the support that you receive after the install.
    Do your Contractors have a Service Kit for the proposed boilers?

    May i ask why the VX series with the 6.5:1 turn down vs the SL series with the 10:1 turn down and better piping take offs?
  • polman
    polman Member Posts: 4
    In reply to @kcopp , I am replacing a Hydrotherm HC-85E with a separate mandatory fresh air 5" dia intake that lowers our laundry room temperature to the low 60 degrees.
  • polman
    polman Member Posts: 4
    In reply to @Derheatmeister Yes both quotes will have air intake piped through the chimney. Contractor reputation, installation ability and parts availability are very much at the forefront of my decision making. Your question VX vs SL is a very good one. I will further explore this option due to piping installation . The VX is cheaper option.

    Another element not mentioned in my original post is that this will be a bi energy installation. In Quebec due to our low Hydro electricity rates I will have installed an electric modulating boiler with outdoor reset to handle most of my heating needs. BTH- Ultra 18 When the temperature will fall below 10 degrees F the gas boiler will kick in and will only be in operation between 20-30% of the heating season. Space limitations of having two boilers side by side piping layout will also influence decision.

    The turn down ratio will not be so critical as the gas boiler will only be used in the coldest conditions.

    With this set up I will need to explore a way to automatically fire the boiler on occasion to limit the possible seizing due to lack of use.

    Thank you for your response. This forum is most helpful.
  • Dave Carpentier
    Dave Carpentier Member Posts: 604
    The boiler sizing angle is important.
    You could probably size your gas unit as low as possible as the only "gas only" situation should be during an extended power outage. Other than that (rare) situation, you could feed both heaters into a buffer tank and have the space heating draw off of that ?
    30+ yrs in telecom outside plant.
    Currently in building maintenance.