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Older system 2000, new 2005. No

System 2000 new 2005. No heat today. Bleed air out, reset. Burner runs 30 seconds then stops. Green light for circ, red for burner and inducer. Can I fix this and how


  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 7,839
    edited February 2023
    Is there oil in the tank? You said "Bleed air out". How much air was in there? 1 second, then oil flowed 20 seconds, then oil flowed? took 4 minutes, then oil flowed?
    Was there any air at all?

    If you reset this and it operated for 30 seconds with a failed ignition transformer, Then every time you reset the burner, oil that did not burn is sprayed into the combustion chamber. Now think about how many times you hit the reset button "ONLY ONCE" Did you reset only once after you bleed the air from oil pump? How many times did you bleed the oil pump? 2 or 3
    Did you reset it Only Once last night? then only once this morning? then only once this after noon?

    That is now 5 or 6 times you pressed the reset ONLY ONCE. So that is really 5 or 6 times that you may have sprayed oil in the chamber for the trial for ignition. If the primary control allows 15 seconds, then there is over 1 minute worth of oil in the combustion chamber, that the professional service man needs to know about. You want that technician prepared for the excessive smoke and oil in the chamber when he gets the problem fixed.

    DO NOT RESET any more, call for professional help
    Edward F Young. Retired HVAC ContractorSpecialized in Residential Oil Burner and Hydronics
  • BadBill2u
    BadBill2u Member Posts: 1
    Big sign on boiler only reset once.called help, he shows, says red light for inducer and burner always on but burner shuts off. Everything is OK like this or I could order you a board. You owe me 140.00. Both left and right lights show ok. Burner runs for 30 seconds then valve opens input temp gors up then down to 100 then burner starts cycle time 1.5 min. Call ek they say no that too fast cycle. I back flushed heat exchanger. Now burner runs 30 seconds then sits ten min before it returns. Ya I'm lost no heat since Friday. We do have hot water and we had a room that got very hot for a few hours. So bleed registers  no air and mo heat
    Oh, thanks so very much or your quick response to help
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,841
    @BadBill2u, was the tech an EK dealer, or at least experienced with your system?
  • wildfirelab4u
    wildfirelab4u Member Posts: 2
    They said he was. Called his office refund is coming. New tech shows, ek recommend. Sets up some jumpers decides h2o aquastat read too hot wants shuts down, boiler temp reads low temp wants to turn on. Circulator bad. All hot h2o and any heat was from over hot unit radiating heat
    Thanks to all who wanted to help