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Dead Men Tales: The Legacy of the Dead Men

HeatingHelp Administrator Posts: 650
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The Legacy of the Dead Men

In this episode, Dan Holohan reflects on the Dead Men who came before us and the legacy they left behind.

Listen here.

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  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 8,153
    edited December 2022
    Thanks @DanHolohan for all you have made me aware of... "as though you always knew it." When I went to Mr. Flasch training seminars (excuse the spelling) from B&G for several years in my early self employed days, I thought that I would never learn anything else after he died. B&G tried to continue his seminars but they were never as good and the original.

    Several year later, I heard about this new guy that was teaching Hydronics. His name was Dan something. Boy was I glad to find out about him. It was as if he was talking my language. Mr. Flasch was harder to understand and it took going to the same class several times to fully understand what he was teaching. But eventually it would sink in the this knucklehead of mine.

    When Dan had a seminar, WOW was he easy to understand!

    Thanks! and Happy New Year to you and your whole family... and the Lovely Maryanne in Heaven! God Bless All the Wallies

    Mr. Ed
    from South Carolina,
    via Cape May NJ

    Edward Young Retired

    After you make that expensive repair and you still have the same problem, What will you check next?

  • Larry Weingarten
    Larry Weingarten Member Posts: 3,356
    Dan, You packed a whole boatload of wisdom into a nine-minute and fifty-two second teacup. You say "Each day is a precious gift. Make the most of them." Those words contain SO much. Thankyou for bringing the dead men to us and doing such a nice job of translating their work and wisdom into something we can understand and use. You have built so many bridges!

    Yours, Larry
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,752
    Thanks Dan, you're the best!
  • JP2347
    JP2347 Member Posts: 12
    Great way to finish out Dan. Time for some R&R; appreciate all the good stories and teaching moments that brought some AHA moments and good humor and history along with it.  Listened to them all and will probably do it again.
  • reggi
    reggi Member Posts: 522
    "And that's my last story for you"
    I am but just one that you exposed to what was lost or forgotten.... Being dismissed as antiquated and in need of modernization, conversion..by those either ignorant or untrained or unequipped for steam..
    There are hundreds of thousands more (millions) that have benefited from the world you exposed..
    You've given the world another perspective to look at the past..."Stand back, put your hands in your pockets , and then study what you are looking at to see what messages the deadmen left for you...."
    You find what others were blind to..
    Thanks teacher
    One way to get familiar something you know nothing about is to ask a really smart person a really stupid question
    Larry WeingartenEdTheHeaterMan
  • Sully1266
    Sully1266 Member Posts: 13
    edited December 2022
    Thanks Dan, I wear my Dead Men t-shirt  proudly and any time we run across an old American Radiator in our travels my kids go “ yeah yeah Dad the dead men built that when people took pride in there work”.
    I am about to retire after 35 years and I still remember the course”s you gave at the old Brooklyn Union gas company back in the early 90”s they helped an entire generation of Techs that became mechanics not “ part changers” Thanks for that. I hope to become a trainer of HVAC in my retirement and I will continue to give you the credit you deserve for keeping the memories of all those who came before us and the great work the Dead Men did.
  • Ray_Frechette
    Ray_Frechette Member Posts: 27
    “ "But why did you write the paper when you did?" I persisted.

    He took a long drag on his cigarette and exhaled. "I wrote the paper then, because that's when they asked me about it." He looked at me as though I should have known that. "You see," he continued, "I always knew about it, but they just never asked me before. That's why I wrote the paper when I did. Because they asked me." That quiet smile again.”

    You know Dan; the next question out of your mouth should have been…”What else should we be asking you Gill?

  • Ray_Frechette
    Ray_Frechette Member Posts: 27
    As a side note Dan, I just searched Wikipedia. There is no article on Gil Carlson there yet.

    I think that it would be a good addition…
  • cubbydog
    cubbydog Member Posts: 42
    I guess I’ll need to invent something to do with plumbing plumbing or love something or learn something to get into heaven! And all this time I thought I only had to be more than 50% good to get into heaven.
  • mrlarson
    mrlarson Member Posts: 5
    Thanks Dan, for what you have done for the steam community to keep the Dead Men living in the yet to be born. I have enjoyed you books for years and most of all, this series of podcasts, every week that I anxiously await. Can't wait for the next flash of steam coming from you pipes.
  • Steve75
    Steve75 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Dan, I hope you're kidding when you say "that's my last story" I understand everyone wants to retire at some point but I look up to you with all the knowledge that you'd shared and the improvement that the industry has experienced thanks to you sharing what you have learned over the years. To loose such a valuable knowledge base is going to be difficult. I'm an instructor at a college and I love sharing what I've learned during my life in the field with my students. During my years I've had over 1500 students who have completed the courses and are working in the trade. I constantly see former students at suppliers picking up material, behind the counter or job sites and they usually comment on how much the info I shared has helped them. With you, I think the numbers are way higher and you have had a positive influence on 10's of thousands of trades people.
    Best wishes for the years ahead and hope your family is doing well.
  • BradHotNCold
    BradHotNCold Member Posts: 70
    A tip o’ this homeowner’s hat to you Dan! I cannot imagine not reading your writings and musings about steam heat and the “Dead Men”. Best Holiday Wishes to you and yours!
  • ColinW
    ColinW Member Posts: 3
    There is not a day that goes by that I'm not thankful for the relationship that you fostered to a then wet behind the ears, wanabe "Wethead". the service you've provided to this industry is LEGENDARY and will go down in history as such.

    There's always comes that time when we realize it's time to "hang up the spurs" I'm glad you have a pair.

    The Wethead Cowboy
  • melvinmelvin
    melvinmelvin Member Posts: 11
    When I listened to the second-last episode, I didn’t know until the end. I hadn’t even conceived of the end. Then, I listened to the last one. I was expecting some closure. What happens now? Who tells the tales? Help!
  • JohnP
    JohnP Member Posts: 6
    Always enjoy your stories and your books
    Thanks for everything
    Best Wishes
  • MikeAmann
    MikeAmann Member Posts: 998
    A very nice way to end these stories Dan. Thank you.
  • markdelzell
    markdelzell Member Posts: 13
    that's why people say the only stupid question is the one not asked.

    "I wrote the paper then, because that's when they asked me about it."
  • FStephenMasek
    FStephenMasek Member Posts: 88
    Thank you for the wonderful stories! Have you heard of ACE, mentoring for high school students? Your stories and books would be excellent reading for the students, and I'll be recommending them (I'm new to ACE). https://www.acementor.org/
    Author of Illustrated Practical Asbestos: For Consultants, Contractors, Property Managers & Regulators
  • Anthony Menafro
    Anthony Menafro Member Posts: 198
    I have enjoyed every story that you have told as well as the many seminars of yours that I have attended. I hope that this is not good bye, but if it is, thank you for the many years of joy and understanding that you have provided me!
  • TomP
    TomP Member Posts: 11
    Thank you for sharing not just your knowledge, but your enthusiasm as well. I always look for those who really enjoy what they do. You are one of them. Tom
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,552
    edited January 2023
    Thanks to all of you. The greatest gift you can give me is to share with each other all that you’ve learned. 

    Each day is a precious gift. Thanks. 

    Retired and loving it.
  • MikeL_2
    MikeL_2 Member Posts: 500
    edited January 2023
          You are by far my favorite teacher; please don't tell the others.
          I think of you often while wondering / wandering around a heating system that needs help, but also away from work each time I hug my kids & grandkids.......
  • OldMi39ke
    OldMi39ke Member Posts: 1
    Thanks, Dan. You’ve nurtured me through the years. And years…geez, we must be ancient. But I digress. I probably wouldn’t of survived in the mechanicals world (or other worlds) without yourself and a few others. The “humanity” factor is extremely important. It keeps us coming back. The pathway. A winding/entertaining/educating pathway. (WEEP!) A lifelong trek. I was too stubborn as a child…a wandering mind. Too stubborn now…a saturated soul. You’ve made a difference, sir! Safe and plentiful travels to you and the family. - Michael Ward
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,552
    Thanks, old friend. 
    Retired and loving it.