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Near piping riser

I’m replacing a boiler tomorrow and the new boiler riser is off set of the original header.Or do I flip the tee . It’s been 2 seasons since my last steam boiler job. 


  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,670
    edited December 2022
    The steam mans should attach horizontally and separately to the header, they should not be teed together. The equalizer should be black iron at least until it gets below the water line. Be sure to look in the manual for the number and minimum size of risers and minimum size of the header and equalizer. Make sure it all pitches toward the equalizer and make sure any reduction happens vertically or with a reducing ell or tee so it doesn't trap condensate. The hartford loop to the equalizer should be ether a close nipple or a street ell.

    If it requires 2 risers from the boiler, make sure they have swing joints where the connect to the header so the boiler can expand without the risers constraining it. The header should be this order: Risers from boiler, steam mains, equalizer.
    Long Beach Ed
  • Coolmen
    Coolmen Member Posts: 22
    Thanks for advise in advance. So by the pic I would take out the tee and flip so I’d come out boiler up , 90  into the first header then continue to the next riser then to the equalizer. Pitch towards Hartford.
    STEAM DOCTOR Member Posts: 1,973
    Usage of a Tee, to supply more then one main, is dependent on the EDR or amount of BTUs. Let's say you have a system where a single 2" main is adequate. Then there should be nothing wrong with having two mains coming off a single Tee. obviously provided that it's not a bullhead T. You would need to know how many BTUs of steam are flowing through that T and you would have to check the charts to see if that T is adequate. A non bullhead T is just another pipe. Of course ideally, you would separate the mains, but not always necessary.
    Long Beach Ed