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EarthLink technologies DX geothermal heat pump

dkaner87 Member Posts: 4
Hi my name is David and I’m need to this form I’m an diesel technician I have some knowledge on basic of my geothermal system. So let me get started. I’m having an issue that the system will run for a few days. Perfect heat up my house beautiful then I’ll just shut off the heat pump compressor won’t turn on all lights on the electrical Borazon I’m getting to 2230 power coming in but when I call for heat nothings coming out, my air handler will run but the heat pump will be off. I go up to my main breaker hundred amp breaker for the whole house. I shut that off I have a sub panel with a 40 amp breaker shut that off let the system do a full reset flick on both back on  and then go to call for heat and air compressor will kick back on and then he will work again for a few days and then I’ll do this whole process again. The system is about seven years old six years I have had it serviced every year just a basic look over the system check everything over. Everything is always great. I mainly use it only for the heat in the winter time I had to just this year change the capacitor as it just went and when it went, not knowing and system turned on and the sure start kicked on the system when it called for heat. I immediately smelt the starting of burning.which it burned the sure start up which I replaced I shut the system off removed it replace the 45 MFG capacitor the sure start as well as I was do that  I change the contact as well. 
Please anyone can help me I would really appreciate it you can contact me as well 


  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,105
    Is the breaker tripped when you do a reset?
    Bob "hot rod" Rohr
    trainer for Caleffi NA
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  • dkaner87
    dkaner87 Member Posts: 4
  • dkaner87
    dkaner87 Member Posts: 4
    And both beakers are replaced with new
  • tim smith
    tim smith Member Posts: 2,752
    I am wondering if maybe its low on glycol. Not getting good circulation to loops and goes into low pressure after a couple days. Ground starts to freeze and pressures drop?
  • dkaner87
    dkaner87 Member Posts: 4
    Well one thing I noticed is the compressor is getting very hot to touch I had system fully checked and they said it was all good I need to find a good Geo-Thermal technician company that only works with the DX system any one can recommend one in the NY area I’m in Hopewell Junction NY