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Reset Timer for steam

I have a single pipe steam system in a building that was built around 1900.I just replaced my old Burnham 500n with a Burnham SteamMax 500. The old unit was controlled with a T103 time switch for the on/off cycles. This timer shuts down all the power to the unit and for new unit, the contractor wants to go with a thermostat-controlled system. In the past I have tried several of these systems and found that the time switch has far fewer complaints from tenants. The concern from the contractor is that shutting the power to the unit will cause undue stress and premature failure of the electrical components. Is anyone using a control like this? I am thinking about a timer that can go in the 24v t-stat wire. Is this possible?


  • pedmec
    pedmec Member Posts: 804
    Heat timer, Tekmar steam master are (2) time initiate temperature controlled systems that's I use. Set up properly they do a real good job. if you have issues with the system no temperature control will help you. You will need to solve that issue independent of any control. major selling point is automatic run time based on outdoor temperature and it is put in the mechanical so nobody can touch it. Then you can lock it and hide the key. The draw back is money. It cost more than on/off switch timer which doesn't care what the temperature is.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 14,455
    The Tekmar steam control is reasonably priced and works well.