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Noisy LG cassettes

My LG Multi F / Multi F Max cassette louvers make a terrible racket immediately after opening. It’s a loud, staccato noise, lasting about 2 seconds, when louvers stop opening. I suspect slipping gears. The installer claims no fix. LG support won’t talk with me. They must be aware of the issue. It happens to greater or lesser extent with all four of my cassettes. It’s terrible. We can’t sleep. Help!!! It’s a new house and we paid lots for the system.  


  • GGross
    GGross Member Posts: 397
    I have never had this issue with an LG cassette, we have several hundred out and about, and i get to hear all the complaints. We did have a loud louver on a wall unit one time, the installer replaced the louver motor under warranty and fixed the problem. I'm not sure if that would be your issue here however as you have 4 with the same problem, which sounds like either a more sensitive ear, or installer error. It would be quite low odds to have 4 bad motors on one job, stranger things have happened though.

    Being that this is a new house I would think the installer would have to come troubleshoot the issue with tech support, contact the general contractor if your mechanical contractor refuses
  • Davejk
    Davejk Member Posts: 4
    Thanks. It’s worse on one of them but all do seem to have the same effect. The contractor is suggesting switching the quietest one into the bedroom. That might help a bit but we still wouldn’t be happy with noise in the den. I do suspect installer error in that that crew has messed up several other jobs in our house. And it’s hard to imagine LG could get away with selling a product with such apparently flawed engineering. Thanks for the info. 
  • Davejk
    Davejk Member Posts: 4
    There’s a swing setting that controls the louvers. In that setting they seem to oscillate without an issue. I don’t know what controls the motor. Maybe it’s a software bug?
  • Davejk
    Davejk Member Posts: 4
    LG does not seem to have a user’s guide for the Multi F heat pump. Searched on line. Found installation and engineering manuals but neither explains the settings or use of the remote. Don’t know what the buttons are or the icons that change when the buttons are pressed. My noisy louver problem might be as simple as a bad combination of settings. 

    Has anyone come across a user manual for the LG Multi F?