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Adjustable Vents

I have a 1 pipe system, just got a new boiler installed. A New Yorker CGS-C. I'm having trouble getting my 2nd floor warm. I was advised to install adjustable vents to my radiators. I guess the logic is, turn the venting down on the radiators on the first floor, so more steam gets to the second floor radiators.

If that sound right, the second question is what should I buy? I've been researching, I read about Heat Timer Varivalve. Are those good? Other brands/models? Some of my radiators are in tight corners of the house, so a small footprint is a necessity.

Appreciate any advice!


  • pedmec
    pedmec Member Posts: 713
    Before you condemn the air vents in your system i would watch the boiler run and make sure that its not shutting down prematurely. Its not unusual for a new boiler to trip out on low water cutoff due to an erratic water line. New steam boilers need to have the water skimmed after a couple of days of running. Oils from threaded nipples and the manufacturer process will sit on top of the water in the boiler and cause erratic water line. Just look at the site glass as its operating. If its bouncing up and down by inches it needs to be skimmed.
    Also its not a bad idea to replace air vents on new boiler installs. This way your know that your going to have proper air removal. Treat it like a thermostat. I include new thermostats on new installs because it causes more of a headache to have to go back because the thermostat was bad and then customer is not happy that they have no heat. Not every contractor includes new air vents in their contracts so some companies only replace them on an as needed bases. Increases the quote to replace the boiler. Could be the difference between winning the bid or losing it.
  • random12345
    random12345 Member Posts: 299
    This really helped me: https://heatinghelp.com/assets/documents/Balancing-Steam-Systems-Using-a-Vent-Capacity-Chart-1.pdf

    Are you sure you have adequate main venting? For radiator vents, I used Maid O Mist 0220-5L. Comes with a set of removable vent orifices. Makes experimenting easier. Vent-Rite #1 is ok too, but more expensive. Varivalve may be a larger vent than you need. The pdf tells the whole story. Agree with the advice given above about skimming.
  • cstocker77
    cstocker77 Member Posts: 27
    The glass gage looks good, and we did extensive skimming a couple months before I started using the boiler on a regular basis, when it was warmer out. My wife's uncle did the install, he works primarily on commercial boilers, he didn't address the venting.

    I don't know about the main vents. I've never had them looked at or changed in the 12 years I've been at the house. As far as I know, there are two.
  • random12345
    random12345 Member Posts: 299
    Post some pictures of the main vents. That may be part of your problem.