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Help me identify this valve

First, let me say this site is absolutely amazing! I have already learned so much from the posts on here. I have some 1950s steam baseboard radiators that spewing tons of steam. The plaster walls behind each vent has been destroyed. I'm pretty sure the best thing to do is just completely replace the valves. However, for the life of me, I can't identify them. To my amazement, I was able to find the original manual for the radiators on here. This info has put me on the right path. However, I am still not confident about what I am doing. The weird issue is that the valves sit horizontally. Here are some pics:

From below. t looks like it says 1/8 Crane 125.

From the front.

From the top

Can anyone help with identifying this valve and what to replace it with? I've found this one which looks like the correct item, but I'm unsure. I'll also mention that it is 3 inches long, and I only have 2 inches of space within the enclosure. Furthermore, I'm not even sure how I would do the installation, since the "genius" prior owners put down new floors on top of the old ones and trapped the radiator panels against the wall, leaving me with virtually no room to work.


Also, should I replace the air cock (not sure if that's the right term). If so, is this the right item?


Thank you for any help!

Thanks for any help.


  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,660
    That is a gate valve with a hot water bleeder valve screwed in it. You can replace all of it with a steam vent.

    You are sure this is steam?

    To unscrew the gate valve, unscrew the bonnet (the assembly with the stem and handle) from the valve body then unscrew the valve body. You may need to use an ell, nipple, and 45 to get out of the enclosure and mount a straight steam vent outside the enclosure.
  • pedmec
    pedmec Member Posts: 975
    Gate valves on steam vents? kinda overkill. If he didn't say that the system was steam i would think it's a hot water system.
  • retiredguy
    retiredguy Member Posts: 905
    More information on this heating system is needed so the guys can make an educated guess on answering question about this radiator. It looks to me that the cast iron baseboard radiation is piped for a 1 pipe steam system. If it is a 1 pipe steam system, that vent is the wrong type and also cast iron baseboard is not a good choice of radiation. More information is needed as are more pictures of the radiator and the boiler.
  • impudence
    impudence Member Posts: 4
    Thank you all for the quick responses! I'm pretty sure it is a steam system. All the radiators in the rest of the house are one pipe. I can't really supply any better pics of the floorboard radiator itself. Everything is covered by metal panels. As I mentioned the lovely prior owners (who did every single repair incorrectly) put in new flooring on top of the old thus trapping the panels. There is an access panel on the other end. I can cut away a little flooring to get the panel open. I'll post pics once I get that done.

    In the meantime, here is a pic of one of the regular radiators in the house (please ignore how filthy it is).

    Also, here is the boiler.

    The return pipe can sort of be seen on the floor behind the boiler.

    Let me know if you need any other pics.

    Thanks again!

  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,660
    That is definitely 1 pipe steam.

    Baseboard doesn't work well on 1 pipe steam because the steam and condensate going in opposite directions don't work out so well in the narrow passages of the baseboard. Make sure it is sloped to the supply on the other end, put a slow steam vent on it and hope for the best.
  • impudence
    impudence Member Posts: 4
    Just took off the access panel on the other end. I'm a bit baffled by what I found.

    I have no idea what this small diameter pipe is and where it goes.

    Either way, can anyone point me to the correct steam vent to replace the gate valve. Is this right?


    Once again, you all are awesome for providing this advice!

  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,660
    That is the solution to the condensate and steam colliding, the condensate returns through the bottom pipe, the steam is supplied through the top pipe.
  • neilc
    neilc Member Posts: 2,703
    looks like a small return pipe, might they be clogged?
    and are the baseboards pitching back to the piped ends?
    known to beat dead horses
  • BobC
    BobC Member Posts: 5,478
    Thge Varivalve you linked to is the wrong vent, it is much to fast for baseboards and convectors. You need a slow vent line a Gorton or Maid O Mist #4, or a Hoffman 40. Maid O Mist sell a vent body with 5 replaceable orifices that can work in almost any situation, these can save you from trying to guess what valve is the right size.


    Smith G8-3 with EZ Gas @ 90,000 BTU, Single pipe steam
    Vaporstat with a 12oz cut-out and 4oz cut-in
    3PSI gauge