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Motorised diverter valve date suspiciously removed - need advice!

blueglass123 Member Posts: 8
edited November 2022 in Oil Heating
Our boiler was replaced last year in July 2021. We recently had our boiler serviced in order to keep the 10 year guarantee. Recently when the hot water is turned on, the central heating also turns on with it. I asked the guy who installed the boiler to come and have a look. I also asked if we would be charged for the visit as we have had our boiler serviced only about a couple of month beforehand. He didn't answer this and came by anyway. When he left he said he would send me the bill! I'm not sure if I should call him out on this.

Anyways, he said the motorised valve was faulty and will need replacing. I asked if he was the one to install it or if it was from before, and he said it is from before and has become faulty with age. However, the box looks almost brand new compared to the pipes. I don't know much about heating/plumbing otherwise I would've checked beforehand, but the sticker on the valve usually has the date on the bottom right. This has been suspiciously scraped off.

Are motorised valves usually installed along with boilers? I know he installed a new magnet filter when the boiler was installed (as we paid for this), which you can see I the photos. Am I being duped?

Here is a link to photos and I have also included the description of the invoice of when the new boiler was installed:

Thank you in advanced.


  • GGross
    GGross Member Posts: 948
    I don't see anything on your invoice stating replacement of any diverter valve. Thinking too deep into it. The motor (the metal box) looks newer than the piping because that motor likely failed sometime in the past as well, so it is probably a little newer than the pipes. Also we don't share pricing on this forum so you should remove that part
  • blueglass123
    blueglass123 Member Posts: 8
    Yes I would've thought if it was installed it would be on the invoice, but also wasn't sure if it was included with the new boiler or something. I wouldn't have been suspicious until I saw that the date on the valve was scraped off... I'm not sure what he did today, he said he did something to the lever on the valve but wasn't sure how long it would last, but now the central heating is not turning on at all! The boiler turns on, so its not that... looks like it will need replacing.
  • HomerJSmith
    HomerJSmith Member Posts: 2,392
    edited November 2022
    What is the grounding conductor on your photo? Why? Are you being duped? Does it matter as it is impossible to tell. You could probably just replace the power head. If you are suspicious of the installer, hire one that you can have confidence in.

    The date being scratched off, it may be an older unused power head with an older date and the installer didn't want the customer to know how old it was. The date code is a code, tho, and the customer wouldn't know the manufacturing date if he saw it. The warranty on a Honeywell is one year.
  • pedmec
    pedmec Member Posts: 927
    sounds like its not wired correctly. can you send pics of control that they are using. seems they are using multiple controls for operation as its comes as a package. i'm sure there is a way around it.

    found this https://www.plumbase.co.uk/link/1/h001584_287_t.pdf