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Htp 130-55 boiler alarm options

hemertwv Member Posts: 5
Hello I have a htp phoenix 130-55 boiler that we use for hot water and radiant heat,  it works great generally and we have  no concerns with it

However we are often away from home for weeks at a time and live in a cold climate, Edmonton Canada,  I currently have remote temperature sensors on the lines and in the building but am looking for something more direct or specific.

What I want to know is there a way to hook up a remote alarm in case the boiler goes I to fault mode.   It has happened once because of a frozen vent pipe ( has since been re routed,  extended) 

If there is a circuit I am sure I can hook up a trigger for a remote alarm  but I don't see any remote fault triggers on the unit,  any thoughts? 


  • 109A_5
    109A_5 Member Posts: 1,041
    edited August 2022
    Commercial equipment often has integrated alarm connections. As near as I can tell this unit does not have any provisions like that.

    Looks like maybe a later or slightly different model ? PH130 has an alarm output.

    What it may have (you would have to verify) is a port that the optional PC Connection Kit (Part # 7250P-320) cable can be connected to. Manual page 8 - https://htproducts.com/literature/lp-179.pdf

    At the time of the manual writing HTP apparently has some PC service software mentioned on page 50.

    So if this port is available AND there is status data available via this port an alarm could be generated with other computing equipment (an Arduino project comes to mind). This concept is way beyond the ability of an average home owner, you would have to be an electronics / embedded software enthusiast to pull this all together (unless someone else already has).

    The simple answer is temperature alarms, which you apparently have and maybe antifreeze. However antifreeze may not protect the whole system. Maybe a supplemental heat source set at a lower temperature ?

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