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set up of new Burnham V8H3WE boiler....

rwd Member Posts: 1
Just bought this a few months back when its predecessor finally died due to unrepairable crack on the side. The new is an exact replacement and all fittings line up just as the old one. But, one obvious difference was no boiler liner blanket was installed in its bottom of the chamber and a curious stainless steel ring about 10" in diameter was to be used in its place. I called US Boiler/Burnham and the tech said it really served no purpose and not to use it. The instructions also were useless in noting its use, purpose and what it actually does. Is it ok to omit it and leave the bottom bare metal? I also did just reline the old one so I could probably just put that one in the V8... if it will not fall apart. I don't have any more of the solution but can get some. Anyway what do u think?

If I may, 1 more question: I have a leak at the the top of the boiler nipple that goes into a reducer going straight up with galvanized pipe, about 3' , then a 90 degree elbow to coupler and the air scoop and expansion tank running horizontally. I will separate the coupler and then I can unscrew the vertical piping from the nipple and retape the joints but I have a fear in retightening the pipes of possibly cracking the boiler. The top elbow did not align with the airs coop when I originally assembled the pipes and there was no way to get almost another full turn of tightening to do so. Maybe remove it all and start over and just get the vertical piping good and snug and just deal with the elbow at the top? Any help and insight would be appreciated-I am a senior and just need a little help now and then! Thank you!!


  • MikeAmann
    MikeAmann Member Posts: 984
    Can you add pictures? They help tremendously.
  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 7,554
    edited August 2022
    You want to repair that leak. Nothing good can come of that. Teflon tape with a good pipe joint compound like RectorSeal #5

    Top be clear: the leak is at the top of a vertical nipple that extends 3 ft above the boiler supply outlet?

    Regarding the 10" SS ring. Was that ring longer than 6" to form a cylinder? ...or was it about about 1/2" like a giant hose clamp?

    Without photographs, your description should be at least 1000 words each. Otherwise it is not worth it!
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