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A total of 18 independent studies have now concluded that hydrogen will not be widely used for heat


  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 4,977
    edited June 2022
    I wonder if this is a rewrite of that Larry David commercial where he says that the Wheel will never become popular, The Fork will never take hold, indoor plumbing is never going to happen, Giving people the vote is not going to work, (even the stupid ones), Telling Edison the electric light is a bad idea, and insisting that man can't go to the moon!
    The only thing he was close on was giving the stupid people the right to vote, but that is for another forum

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  • In_New_England
    In_New_England Member Posts: 130
    Hydrogen for heating is an odd choice. The hydrogen would be produced by electrolysis, and then the energy released by combustion. It seems much better to pipe the electricity directly to homes and use heat pumps.
  • Hot_water_fan
    Hot_water_fan Member Posts: 1,012
    No surprise here! Hydrogen has use cases but this ain’t it. 
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 15,762
    I should add that this is what they said about electric cars until Tesla came along.
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  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 18,222
    Didn't Henry Fords wife have ab electric car, she was unable to crank the model T. A Baker Electric car cost @ 850 bucks in 1909.
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  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 4,977
    I do know that Henry added the electric start to the Model T in 1919
    Edward Young Retired HVAC Contractor & HYDRONICIAN Services first oil burner at age 16 P/T trainer for EH-CC.org
  • fentonc
    fentonc Member Posts: 178
    I think the only semi-plausible use case for hydrogen is for seasonal load shifting. One could imagine a system with an enormous amount of PV that’s just dedicated to H2 production. Any given day might be cloudy, but we can estimate yearly solar production pretty accurately. If the panels are only few cents a watt (and they’re not that far off at industrial scales), and it’s fairly cheap to ship via pipeline and store at the levels we do with natural gas, maybe the numbers work out even if end to end efficiency is only 25-50% or something (not sure what current state of the art is). 

    Even then, I think it would still probably only make sense to use it in a power plant and power a heat pump for end-users rather than piping it to residential users, but that scenario doesn’t seem that crazy. It’s more like the economics of a peaker plant that might only run for a couple weeks a year.
  • In_New_England
    In_New_England Member Posts: 130
    Steamhead said:
    I should add that this is what they said about electric cars until Tesla came along.
    Under the assumption that oil is liquid energy that will gush eternally from any point below your feet, and you can burn it without any long term illeffect, it is correct that electric cars are silly.
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 2,827
    Hydrogen can be synthesized from many safely transported substances like ammonia . There would be no pressurized refrigerated containers , hydrogen would be synthesized on spot and not transported as hydrogen . Vissesmam and Panasonic have teamed , Panasonic making the hydrogen fuel cell and vissesman making the portable water and mod con this looks more like a viable idea . Electra-faction of everything and removal of fossil fuels will only end up costing every consumer $ and increasing electric companies stock and earnings . Possibly there’s way more to the total energy picture then most or any see and the future profiteers have there believe and dis believers who money is sitting pretty waiting to multiply and there money brought politicians set the stage to become even richter and the rest of us poorer w a new master to be a slave too . Remember plastics in the way past ,well sooner or later ammonia will be all that left . Peace and good luck clammy
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