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Recommendations for new oil boiler

DB1977 Member Posts: 5
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I'm not a heating/plumbing professional but a homeowner in need of a new boiler. Our current 23 year old Trianco boiler needs to be replaced. Alongside of that we have a Biowin pellet boiler that we can go back and forth between with a few ball valves and switches. We also have an indirect fired tank for domestic hot water and a heat pump water heater for domestic hot water in the summer time. We plan to keep everything else in place when we replace the Trianco. It's a 2400 square foot house with forced hot water baseboard elements. Our chimney is a triple flue and the flue the new oil boiler would be going in is unlined. Can anyone recommend some makes/series of oil boilers that are a decent bang for the buck and is reliable? I'd like to get something high efficiency but not pay top dollar and we don't want anything that would require us dropping a new liner in the flue. -Thanks


  • DJD775
    DJD775 Member Posts: 252
    Any properly sized 3 pass boiler would fit the bill, e.g. Burnham MPO, Buderus G115, Biasi B10, etc.
    Depending on where you live the smallest size oil boiler might work but a proper heat loss calculation will confirm. Don't let your contractor upsize the boiler without doing a heat loss calc. I'm assuming that you mean your chimney is clay lined when you say there is no liner. Depending on the size and condition of your chimney you might not have a choice when it comes to lining. Do a search as there have been some threads recently about the subject of chimney lining.
  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,505
    You're going to need a liner unless you go with a direct vent boiler. An EK might be the best option or any triple pass you can direct vent.
    It costs what it costs, nothing is going to be inexpensive.
    Reliability depends on proper piping, set up and commissioning, as well as proper maintenance.

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  • In_New_England
    In_New_England Member Posts: 130
    Do you have ducts, or fewer rooms? In Mass at least there are nice incentives for going with heat pumps. I ultimately decided against it and went for a gas conversion because of reasons. (I can elaborate my thinking if you want, but everyone assesses their situation differently).
  • DJD775
    DJD775 Member Posts: 252
    edited May 2022
    ron said:

    DB1977 said:

    Recommendations for new oil boiler

    $6+ per gallon heating oil among other things, not gonna matter on the make/series of oil boiler you go with.

    With high oil prices it makes more sense than ever to shop for higher efficiency equipment. Faster return on investment than when the prices are low.
  • Erin Holohan Haskell
    Erin Holohan Haskell Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 2,335
    I've deleted the political comment because it's against site rules. No politics here. Thank you.


    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,874
    Considering your Trianco is a vertical tube steel dry base, any cast iron 3 section, 3 pass boiler will be an instant upgrade. Check the contractors in your area to see what they offer and service. Buderus, Viessmann, Trio, Weil McLain, QHT/Biasi, Crown, Dunkirk. And on and on. 
    Find out what the operating control is. A simple Honeywell L4006A or L8148A won't cut it. Look for the Hydrostat 3250 Plus or Beckett Aquasmart. Not sure if anyone else makes one. These controls, when wired and set up correctly, will offer many cost saving advantages over a typical high limit aquastat. 
    Get references and see if they have a website with before and after pics.