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Copper header/manifolds by Alberta Custom Tee - how to get it?

miamicuse Member Posts: 2
Working on a hybrid PEX repipe and need a 1" copper header with 3/4" branches with 3" outlet spacing. I don't need the valves or PEX adapters as half of the connections will remain to be copper. Having a real hard time finding one. I am located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Searching online I see Sioux Chief makes some and Alberta Custom Tee makes some. Contacted Sioux Chief and was advised their custom manifold division has been discontinued "for now". Looked around more and the only other option seems to be Alberta Custom Tee in Canada. Seems to me it should be a simple task of finding a online retailer, place an order and getting it shipped. Nope.

My first stop is Ferguson where I have an account, and their website does list Alberta Custom Tee (ACT) headers. So I called the local Ferguson and they took the info I gave them, later called back and said, nope, they can't order it because ACT does not have a regional rep in the south, I will have to order it from a "northern Ferguson location" where there is a rep. OK...so I called a northern Ferguson location, one in Ohio & Penn, and they were not familiar with that product or company, but they can't sell it to me because I am "out of jurisdiction" and they can't even see me listed as a Ferguson customer.

Next, I looked up Alberta Custom Tee's website and the section "where to buy our products". Listing their distributors in the US, I called EW Leonard in CI then Rathe Associates in NY, both told me yes they do stock the ACT products I am interested in but can't sell it to me since they don't do retail, and they don't ship either. They both recommended finding an online retailer that resells that product, like whom? They said how about Ferguson, that's a big operation...I told them my first stop was Ferguson. Rathe Associates suggested AF Supply in Hicksville CI, I called AF Supply and asked if I can order Alberta Custom Tee from them and Rathe stocks it. They are not familiar with ACT and they can't ship. They suggested trying WinSupply. I looked up WinSupply and they do have one listing in their catalog of a 2" ACT copper header, so I called them and they are not familiar with that product either and that's a dead end as well.

Did a search online again and found a thread on this forum discussing the same difficulty back in 2005. Well it's 2022 now it's still exceedingly difficult.

I am looking to get an Alberta Custom Tee copper head stock number CC1007524, it is a 72" header 1"X3/4" with outlets spaced 3" on center. I am having a real hard time finding a retailer that is familiar with it and can ship it to me in Florida. Anyone know of an easier way or do I need to start soldering individual copper tees together?

Thank you in advance for any comment.


  • Karl Reynolds
    Karl Reynolds Member Posts: 63
    I have both 12-port and 24-port in stock. Call me at 970-328-0740 in Colorado. Karl
  • miamicuse
    miamicuse Member Posts: 2
    Splendid! I was just ranting but this is great news I shall be calling you Karl!