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2007 Munchkin 80m r2 control settings

Jashearer3 Member Posts: 2
Hello, I had a plumber come in from my propane company to try and clean/fix the my munchkin furnace. He didn’t really know any of the codes that go on the display which was kinda concerning. 

I’m looking to see if anything seems off to you guys .. as we all know internet threads know everything haha please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to get them for you . 

Hold down s3
c = 180 
ch = 15
de = 119
dh = 8
t = f

its currently at 114 and not running 

if I hold down s4

d1 = 114
d2 = 111
d3 = 140 
d4 = nc 
d5 = 41
d6 = 0
d7 = 0.0
d8 = 0
d9 = 0
d10 = nc
d11 = 128
d12 = 125
d13 = 3.8
d14 = 3.4
d15 = 48.5 

he replaced the rods and did a cleaning today because it was giving off an intermittent f09 error which  is an  ignition error. This seems to be fixed now. 

do any of those settings/numbers seem right? We r fairly new to this house so i want to make sure it’s running like it’s suppose to. 


  • Jashearer3
    Jashearer3 Member Posts: 2
    Update: first shower after “fix” and only about 10 min of hot water 
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,111
    S3 de is hot water heater set point and dh is differential for the hot water tank . You should raise the de setting to 120 and dh setting to 5 . If your indirect tank has a mixing valve then you can raise the de setting if not then don’t raise over 120 -125 due to possible scolding from to hi a temp . What brand of indirect do you have I doubt the dip tube is broken due to having hot water for ten minutes . You can use the s4 bottom to see the temperature differential through the boiler while the boiler heats the tank if the temperature difference between the supply and return as less the 10 degrees your tank may be lined up or your pump is oversized and your over pumping ,but the systems is a few years old so I would check the tank for liming and also check that the pump is working properly ,pumps impellers do wear and if it original to the install it has a few years on it . Ideally in a perfect world you would see anywhere from 15 to 25 max temp differential while boiler is heating your indirect .lower the s3 dh setting to 5 degree may help your issue . Peace and good luck clammy
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    NJ Master HVAC Lic.
    Mahwah, NJ
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  • pedmec
    pedmec Member Posts: 973
    you have indirect water heater as you have a sensor temperature. there is a good chance the the circulator is broke. don't complicate it. check the numbers a the hot water demand and boiler running. these numbers don't tell the story. with no call for heat or hot water cant tell whats happening