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Crane 20 Boiler

bobbob Member Posts: 70
My home has a Crane 20 boiler. I would like to determine how old it might be. It was coal fired and has a NG conversion. I also would like to find out approximately when that was done. Anybody know anything about this boiler? I can't find anything on the internet.


  • STEVEusaPA
    STEVEusaPA Member Posts: 6,505
    I’d guess 30's, conversion burner in the 50's.

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    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,737
    edited February 2022
    I would guess 1930s ish for the boiler as well.

    Crane is long gone. If your going to replace it any information from or about the old boiler is not any help. You have to start from scratch and find the right size.

    Since you have steam the correct way (and only way) to size a replacement is by measuring all the radiation in the house and coming up with the EDR load of the radiators. It is very easy to do

    If you want the ratings look in the museum on this site for "Beacon boile book prior to 1959" 4th book has the ratings for your boiler. Don't use those ratings to size a new boiler
  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,838
    I think that conversion burner is a little newer than the 50's but it also clearly has had the gas valve and motor replaced.
  • Jeff__
    Jeff__ Member Posts: 6
    If only things still lasted that long! I just pulled out my old crane boiler. My Crane was not as old as yours but always wondered about it's age. Tag says 109A-6 SS-SW.

  • bobbob
    bobbob Member Posts: 70
    Thanks for your responses. We bought this house in 2000. The ol' girl has worked very well. One time I could not get the pilot to light. As Providence would have it, out of the blue my wife was told by one of her cleaning clients that their furnace had a problem and the technician ran a small wire through the gas orifice which had some kind of slag clogging it. I carefully tried that and it has been fine since (12 or 14 years ago?).
    Just had the Low water control unclogged so it would let me drain off the gook. Other than that it has worked great for these 20 and 1/2 seasons. I thought it was high time to give things some attention--new sight glass and cleaned valves, cleaned pigtails (which were hardly dirty), new variable "swing" thermostat. Finishing insulation and adding Main Vents soon.
  • jimna01
    jimna01 Member Posts: 35
    I replaced a circa 1960 oil fired Crane SunnyDay 15 boiler in 2008. My oil consumption dropped by nearly 40 percent. Good riddance.