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Help deciding between 2 quotes for Boiler Install (NTI vs. IBC)

marcato15 Member Posts: 1
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I built a new house and moved in a year ago. We put the tubes in the basement and garage for in floor heating while the house was being built. We now want to move forward with installing the boiler. I got a few quotes for installing the boiler but was a little surprised to see the difference in pricing.

1 quote was from a solo guy who has been in the business for 25 years but was just starting up his business. The boiler he suggested was an NTI FTV 110.
The other quote was from a seemingly reputable company, and the boiler they suggested was a IBC HC-95. ($$$$ cheaper).

While I love the idea of saving $$$$ it seems weird to me that the price would be so much cheaper when I assume those boilers aren't too much different price wise and the rest is pretty standard (pumps, relays, etc). Is there any questions I should ask the company with the cheaper price?


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,517

    please remove the pricing from your post. Pricing not allowed on this site.

    Variable pricing is one reason pricing is not allowed here. It varies all over the place as do labor costs. Don't know about NTI but IBC is generally well thought of
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    mrhemi Member Posts: 28
    I'll throw in my 2 cents, which is based on a personal situation. I am not familiar with the NTI, however, that IBC model uses the same heat exchanger as the Triangle Tube Challenger series. Which I believe they have removed from the market. I had a Challenger CC125 in my home. Eventually the exchanger failed on the fire side to the point of setting off the CO alarms in the home. I will give Triangle Tube credit, they replaced the 10+ year old unit with a newer comparable product from their lineup. I just had to cover the install. To the point, the IBC design (and discontinued TT Challenger) uses an aluminum heat exchanger (manufactured by InterGas), including the flue gas path. That is a recipe for disaster with a condensing boiler. Heat, thermal cycles, acidic condensate and aluminum, what could go wrong? My failed unit had been properly maintained as well.
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