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American Radiator Co.

RTibbs Member Posts: 5
I have an American Radiator Co. Ideal Vecto heater number 835 series T-2. Any information at all would be appreciated. I can’t find any help on the internet at all. Thanks 


  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 15,874
    edited January 2022
    Is that a cast-iron block that fits in a duct? If so, it's a "Vento", and you can find it here:


    If not, post a pic of what you have and give us some idea of its age, and we'll see what we can do.
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  • RTibbs
    RTibbs Member Posts: 5

  • RTibbs
    RTibbs Member Posts: 5

    Maybe this will help. 
  • RTibbs
    RTibbs Member Posts: 5
    I’ll post a few more tomorrow if needed. I’m wondering of the age and if I should try to use it. Just bought the house a month ago and no idea the last time it was fired up. I’m located in Mt Pocono PA.
  • bburd
    bburd Member Posts: 623
    edited January 2022
    That looks like a direct fired space heater, like a wood, coal or kerosene stove. I didn’t know American Radiator manufactured such things.

  • retiredguy
    retiredguy Member Posts: 718
    I just looked on e'bay and there are people there that brochures on American Radiator Vecto stoves that may be helpful to you. Just try different stove/heater descriptions to see what is available
  • Erin Holohan Haskell
    Erin Holohan Haskell Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 2,017
    Here is what I found from American Radiator Company's The Ideal Fitter (1929). Not an exact match, but it's a Vecto.

    JUGHNE Member Posts: 10,441
    Can burn anything, sold at Walmart BTW. :)

    Literature implies that if you sell these to people they will want central heat after having the mess of coal or wood in the living room.
    Probably take it on trade in to sell to the next potential customer.
  • RTibbs
    RTibbs Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for help and comments. I’ve been asking around and after some inspection I don’t think I’m gonna use it. I may try to sell it at some point. 
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 13,331
    Beats the hell out of a fireplace though
  • Lobo
    Lobo Member Posts: 1

    Hi all, this came with the house (built in 1915). It works but it's getting hard to find people who knows how to work on it. Any information to find out date of manufacture or service manuals would be appreciated.
  • random12345
    random12345 Member Posts: 300
    That is one giant boiler you have there. 775 sq ft? How big is your house?
  • random12345
    random12345 Member Posts: 300
    Can you post some more pictures of that boiler?
  • WMno57
    WMno57 Member Posts: 693
    Neat boiler. Probably not as old as the house. Please start a new thread with more photos.
    The AGA gas star and "Patents Pending" are clues as to it's age. Patents Pending usually indicates a narrow range of a couple years before the patent date.