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Triangle Tube Challenger Blower Assembly Buzz

Hello all, I've had a Challenger Combi Boiler & DHW heater in my house for about 7.5 years now. The blower motor decided to crap out (voltages to the unit were correct) so I picked up another blower assembly and installed. Unit fired up first time and works great except for one thing. At low RPM's the blower is as quiet as the proverbial church mouse but once the unit gets to a certain speed and beyond it makes a buzzing sound. The sound can be eliminated by applying a bit of pressure to the board. I pulled the plastic cover off thinking it might be the cause but there was no change. I did swap over the venturi and checked torques on the nuts. Called up the parts supplier and he told me to call Triangle Tube Tech. Spoke to the tech and he said he is 99% sure the combustion chamber needs a cleaning. I told him I could send him a video of the noise but he wasn't interested in seeing it. He insisted it is a dirty combustion chamber. I'm an auto and packaging machine mechanic and will call a pro to clean the unit (I'm not messing with a gas appliance other than changing something simple). Do you think the Triangle Tube Tech is correct? I can post some videos on u tube if anyone wants to see them.

Thanks in advance


  • kcopp
    kcopp Member Posts: 4,189
    If its never been pulled apart it is overdue. How loud?

  • greencosworth
    greencosworth Member Posts: 4
    Agreed it is overdue... it gets fairly loud when the heat cranks up. Currently not using the heat, have wood stove.
  • ednelson7373
    ednelson7373 Member Posts: 8
    my name is Ed I am with Triangle Tube tech support if you would like to send me the video I would be happy to take a look and listen send to [email protected] include the reason for the video and contact info
    hopefully we can help you solve the issue
    thank you
  • greencosworth
    greencosworth Member Posts: 4
    Hi Ed, thanks for the post. I'll send a couple of videos of the buzz to your e-mail address within the next couple of days. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.
  • greencosworth
    greencosworth Member Posts: 4
    As it turns out, the blower wheel was not in balance. A big thank you to Ed Nelson, Triangle Tube tech support, for taking time to look at the video and determining the problem. Replacement blower installed, the unit works perfectly. I posted a link to the video below in case anyone else has this problem.
    Thanks again, Ed