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Pressuretrol question

I took everyone's advice and installed a low pressure gauge on my boiler after the pigtail. This made me discover that the pressuretrol is not working!

I cleaned out all the fittings to ensure there were no clogs, pigtail is clear.

The arm does not move up and make contact even at the lowest settings (cut out 1.5, pressure was over 2.5 and still didn't cut out). I forced the arm and made contact and it shut down the boiler as it should.

Is there any fixing these things or do you just replace it?


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,532
    If it's broken you have to replace it.

    But your boiler is probably not getting the pressure high enough to trip the control

    and that is fine, i shouldn't if the boiler is properly sized.

    The only time for concern is if yo have high pressure in the boiler (on the pressure gauge) and the burner doesn't shut down

    make sure the pipe connections and pigtail are clear
  • theONEendONLY
    theONEendONLY Member Posts: 51
    edited November 2021
    If I set the outside to .5 and the inside dial to 1 shouldn't it trip off at 1.5 psi though? Gauge was near 3 and the arm didn't move 

    Maybe I need to grease the arm? Or the spring setting is just shot? 
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,062
    edited November 2021
    If you lower the settings too low, sometimes the linkage falls apart inside.
    If that is not the case then new control time.

    Or check the inlet of the control on the bottom, if sludged up, then that is just like a plugged pigtail.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,532
    The scale on those controls is not very accurate, in fact they can be more inaccurate than accurate.

    Bench test the control

    best thing is to take the pressure control off the boiler. Mount it in a tee with a 0-5psi gauge in the other tee port. Then apply a little air pressure with a compressor or bicycle pump or squeez bulb

    Don't over pressure it

    Leave the gauge a little loose so you can bleed off air to adjust the control