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[Paper Discussion] Combined production of heat and bricks from oil sludge

cowdog Member Posts: 91
Russian scientists have experimented with a way to burn watery oil sludge waste, by mixing oil sludge with clay, pressing the mixture in brick mould, and combusting them in a brick kiln.

They tried different mixes. For example, oil sludge water content 50%, and ratio of clay:oil sludge 1 : 0.14 produce bricks with good compressive strength and no cracks.

No other fuel is needed. Oil sludge is the only fuel.

Can we use similar techniques? Mix zero cost fuels like oil sludge or coal dust and clay together, and combust it in an kiln in oxidative atmosphere, harvest heat for water heating from kiln flue, and also get brick as a byproduct?

This system has a cement mixer (for mixing oil waste and clay), a brick press machine to press mixture into bricks, and a brick kiln to fire the bricks.

The bricks could be then sold to masons to build walls, to recover capital cost of the system.


  • cowdog
    cowdog Member Posts: 91
    for readers without background in masonry history:
    Most fire bricks produced in US are "external fired", meaning the fuel is separated from the clay adobes.
    Most fire bricks produced in Asia and part of Europe are "internal fired", meaning the fuel is impregnated in the clay adobes.
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,476
    Any numbers on emissions?
  • cowdog
    cowdog Member Posts: 91
    edited November 2021
    HVACNUT said:

    Any numbers on emissions?

    No, it's unrussian to care about emissions. Ever heard about Russian style?
    I believe the emissions won't be very high, because clay is very adsorbent, ash and organics might adsorb on clay before being released and burnt, and they are released as the temperature gradually rise, so there is not a rush out of volatile fuel.