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Clicking gas valve

My son has a Burnham propane boiler with a Honeywell VR8304M4507 gas valve. On a call for heat the igniter clicks lights the pilot and fires the burners. The igniter continues to click when the burners are burning. Are there any initial troubleshooting protocols to do to possibly identify the issue. Thanks. Mike


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,534
    edited October 2021
    The ignitor should shut off when the flame is proven by the flame sensor. Some systems have 1 rod (combination sparker and flame sensor) and some have 2 rods (1 sparker) & (1 flame sensor).

    Frequently it is a bad ground between the gas valve and the ignitor/sensor. The ground gets back to the gas valve through the pilot gas tube or metal parts of the burner to the gas valve. Check all the wiring connections on the gas valve and the ignition control.

    Sometimes just removing and reconnecting the wires will break a small amount of corossion

    If you go on U Tube to "AC Service tech" he has good videos on troubleshooting ignition systems
  • MikeG
    MikeG Member Posts: 169
    Updated info. It’s not the igniter clicking. On a call the igniter lights the pilot, it must prove the flame and the burners light. The gas valve chatters. Usually the burners all light fine but a few times not all light together. The valve continues to chatter. We cleaned all grounds. Checked for continuity. There are three wires to valve from control, mv, mv/pv, and pv. When it’s burning I have 23.3-23.6 v from mv to ground and pv to ground. Bad valve? Low pressure? Dirt in the valve? LP gas pressure has not been checked. I have someone coming to do that hopefully. Thanks. Mike