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WGO-04 With Beckett

BDR529 Member Posts: 285
2.5 years old, 1.25x80B Delavan, Spotless. Are the planets in alignment or sorcery?


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,525
    Is there a question here?? It looks ok to me
  • BDR529
    BDR529 Member Posts: 285
    No question, just very clean. Exceptionally clean for a Beckett, Riello territory.

    I was very impressed for a single pass domestic boiler.. That is better than OK

    Almost forgot, No Bio.
  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 7,837

    That is how all my customers' boilers look

    a year after I set them up after maintenance. LOL

    Story time: Once upon a time, there was a potential customer that was well out of my normal service area. He had moved there and installed a brand spankin' new Crown Freeport boiler (the old version). I was highly recommended for doing maintenance on oil boilers and when he called, I reluctantly accepted the customer. Upon arrival, I looked inside the boiler and was surprised to see the boiler looked as good as the day it was installed after 2 years of operation. (much like the above WGO Photo). My son was in training at the time and I was almost afraid to touch anything in fear of causing a problem with an adjustment that would result in a sooty mess. And being so far away, that is how Murphy's law works you know.

    Using this as a good training service call, I let my son do the entire tune up, even brushing a small amount of white powder from a remote section of the combustion chamber area. There was absolutely nothing for the vacuum to pick up and the chimney base was also pristeen. Nozzle, filter, strainer, test the primary safety lockout, He used a small brush to clean out the burner fan blades and the air adjustment inlet opening, test the limit control by removing a wire from the circulator, the whole 9 yards. When he was finished and all buttoned up the combustion test was spot on, no need to make an oil pressure adjustment, draft control adjustment or air band adjustment.

    When we were all done, and time to get paid, my darling son went into automatic pilot, and offered this new customer a service plan. (OUCH!) You know, the one where we guarantee responding to a customer if they call with no heat, within 24 hours (but usually within 3 to 6 hours) The customer's response to the pitch was "I'd be a fool not to sign up for only $XX.xx per month." (Ouch again) Turns out that customer never needed a service call in the remaining 8 years I had before I sold the company. AND the boiler looks just as clean every year we did the maintenance. (According to my son... He was the one who had to make that long trip to that customer)

    Some jobs are just that easy. I believe this was installed by the homeowner who read the instructions. He just wanted my combustion instruments for the first maintenance, and saw the amazing job we do and thought the agreement price was reasonable enough to allow him to delegate the maintenance to a Professional from there on out..

    Edward F Young. Retired HVAC ContractorSpecialized in Residential Oil Burner and Hydronics