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TurboMax Performance

I've posted before about the TurboMax 23 I recently installed with my new ModCon boiler (TT Instinct 110). So far 5 months in I have zero complaints. Plenty of hot water and gas usage is about half of what it was with a stand alone water heater.

I have a mixing valve set to 120F and the aquastat on the TurboMax is set for a 130F low limit and a 140F high limit, which keeps my boiler mostly condensing.

I have a 320 gallon, 120V hot tub on my patio. The quarterly draining and filling means that it takes ~30 hours to heat up and uses quite a bit of electricity in getting the tap water up to 104F. You can probably see where this is going - after the last drain, I decided to fill it from the hot water tap in the house. I turned the mixing valve down to 110F and let it rip. It took 90 minutes, but the TurboMax and boiler combination managed to deliver 107F water to the hot tub - so right about 3.5gpm, continuous. I was surprised, honestly.

You can see here how the average tank temp in the TurboMax stayed right around 133F and the average firing rate was ~41%.