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Dead Men Tales: What Might Have Been

HeatingHelp Posts: 437
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What Might Have Been

John Bartlett Pierce grew up in Maine, worked in a hardware store, and fell in love with hydronic heating. He went on to build a tall building in New York City that looks like a coal fire and left a fortune behind.

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  • scott w.
    scott w. Member Posts: 142
    Always amazing how the folks who leave money for a charitable foundation with a stated purpose, a hundred yeares later that purpose has dissapeared and the funding is completely opposite of what the founder stated in the will. See Ford foundation.....Henry Ford would be apoplectic if he knew what the Ford Foundation was funding today.
  • Voyager
    Voyager Member Posts: 270
    This reminds me of an quote a former pastor used to say (I don’t know its origin and I’m not sure he did either), but it was in regards to whether or not to leave a lot of money in your estate and I think applies here also. The gist of the quote is “Do your giving while your living so you’re knowing where its going.” Once you are gone, you just don’t know where your money will go.
  • Steamfighter49
    Steamfighter49 Member Posts: 9
    Wonder how Yale stole it and, more importantly how ASHRAE could get it back. Suppose the real question is ‘who has the best lawyers?’.