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Monitoring a boiler with modbus and Datadog

jad3675 Member Posts: 114
edited May 2021 in Radiant Heating
I just finished up installing a TT Instinct boiler with a TurboMax for DHW. Curious as to how the boiler was performing for DHW production, I came up with a little script to scrape data from the modbus interface on the boiler using a $12 usb-to-modbus interface from Amazon. Datadog is a free-ish cloud based monitoring product that can consume pretty much any type of data you throw at it.

Kinda neat - I started filling an 80 gallon tub to trigger the boiler. Even in the middle of the firing cycle, the hot water output never dropped below 115F at the spout. I have the TurboMax plumbed into a Caleffi Mixing vavle (set at 120F), with the TurboMax aquastat set at 175F (I think, the aquastat has almost illegible text on it) and the DHW on the boiler set at 180F.

And here's my embarrassingly messy boiler install.



  • EdTheHeaterMan
    EdTheHeaterMan Member Posts: 3,190
    edited June 2021

    You should be ashamed of this mess

    Just kidding. Looks great. I never knew anyone that took the time to actually use those data ports unless the factory rep was there for a problem
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  • jad3675
    jad3675 Member Posts: 114
    @EdTheHeaterMan - Haha, thanks. I mean, where else are you supposed to store the extra thermostat wire?

  • jad3675
    jad3675 Member Posts: 114
    Finally put the code up on github, if anyone is interested.