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February Boiler installation

REDD Member Posts: 9
edited June 2021 in Domestic Hot Water
Last February 5, we had a Weil McLain CGA-3 Gas Boiler installed to replace an old Crane which I believe was original to this 1960s house. We had no heat for 6 days at that point and the worst of winter started 1 day after installation! The installers spent only a day because I had removed the old crane myself as it was leaking and could not be repaired. This is the result of their installation in pics. I told the lead guy the boiler was not level but he went right on and did this job as seen. I think he felt I was talking about the side left-right dimension. The gas supply line and Expansion Tank was installed IMO--a hideous manner. The gas line is extended out in front of the boiler and one can bump it while accessing the sink. The same for the tank as the laundry chute is back there. Not to mention they ran the electrical BX taped to the gas line! This is not how I would do this stuff. Please help me decide whether I should correct these. The book says not to alter the feet but I saw another post here and thought I would check (Regarding leveling the front of the unit---no hard weight up front). I would have done this job myself if I knew the outcome. We had a stove and 4 electric space heaters running but I let this go to installers--could not risk a DYI given the winter weather. This is not the end of my concerns but covers the worst of it!


  • EzzyT
    EzzyT Member Posts: 1,295
    edited May 2021
    I would correct everything that you’ve pointed out.
    Plus it seems that boiler is plumbed I correctly but can’t be sure without seeing different angle of the near boiler piping. Clearly the installer had no clue on what he was doing.
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  • mattmia2
    mattmia2 Member Posts: 9,662
    I'd set the concrete blocks in mortar and set them level so the boiler sits level on top of them
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,539
    Yes they did a few sloppy things. Unfortunately that's what you get sometimes with an emergency replacement

    They couldn't set a boiler on wet concrete or mortar. they should have come in and poured a pad or set blocks ahead of time
  • REDD
    REDD Member Posts: 9
    edited June 2021
    Thanks for the comments!! Yes, it was a rush job--understood, and the weather here was expected to be Sub zero in the days ahead, back then, and it was. If the installer had listened about leveling and not just retorted "It's level" in an abrupt manner, this would have forgiven the rest. About to undertake the remake and feel comfortable about the whole thing---having first dabbled in HVAC in 1972 and soldering since 1979. In the days following their departure, the boiler lines had 4 leaks (Drips) and this was temporarily resolved by using cottage cheese containers held up by wires to each leak. One was in a pipe nipple. After 1 week, the leaks all stopped. !!!!! PS.. Last fall I cleaned the old boiler and posted those pics here. I probably should have known by discovery then--the old boiler was going to Conk out--there was clear evidence it had leaked in the past. In tuning it up, I upped the water temp to 180 and that probably put to much pressure on the old Babe's sections, for which one was heavily corroded.

  • BillyO
    BillyO Member Posts: 277
    Unfortunately, it will only get worse if we don't get more guys in the trade that are diligent and take pride
  • REDD
    REDD Member Posts: 9
    Just an update. BTW, I regret any airing of industry shortcomings. In my own unrelated career of 30+ years, there were soo many times I could have better in my work. If we all rose to perfection in our work, would there be any "Room For Improvement?" A favorite expression of my dad after he had a few! Today, the gas line rework was done. Many brow beating issues of the best way to approach the connection at the ceiling by causing as little disturbance as possible to the lines there. The boiler is leveled and the gas line is conveniently where it should be. The exhaust; Wiring, and Tank reset yet to come. Also, I learned some of the Feb 5 install by the workers was "Plug and Play." My way of saying they were faced with wiring harnesses which are already set by the manufacturer and cannot be easily altered unless someone like me chooses to spend time to address it. Therefore, some of

    the wiring is excessive in length...etc. Also discovered the jacket is leaking at the high limit switch--putting a socket on it reveals it is loose. ???? Wow.