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Combustion Liner - Oneida Royal

Drewmaster Member Posts: 2
edited April 27 in THE MAIN WALL
Hi All,
I'm working on an older warm air oil fired furnace for which I need a combustion chamber liner and also the combustion chamber liner support. The liner crumbled and the resulting flame impingement burned the stainless steel support. The heat exchanger is in good condition with no evidence of flame impingement and when I checked the efficiency last year, it was 82%.

The unit is an Oneida Royal, horizontal, 224,000 BTU, model number 0-224b-5. None of the usual distributors can obtain the liner and liner support, and when I contacted ECR International, who acquired Oneida Royal a few years back, they informed me that they no longer provide parts for the older models.

As far as concerns aftermarket replacements, Lynn does not supply anything specific for this model. Their "Timesaver #11" is the only thing they have which is somewhat similar, but it would be overfired and would need extensive modification to fit (and might not stay together for very long). Lynn's other "universal" liners (remember that a universal anything fits nothing) will not fit. Also, there is the problem of the stainless steel support for the liner - would need to fabricate a new one. So, does anyone know of a source for replacement parts for these older models?


  • Ctoilman
    Ctoilman Member Posts: 63
    I know you don't want to hear ir, but honestly when a chamber fails on an oil furnace, especially on a horizontal, it's time for a new furnace.  Many many years ago there was a blanket chamber kit I have experience with, but they never lasted long usually curling up/twisting/failing after a few years.  
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 9,014
    Lynn makes a lot of stuff, you should be able to find something. Can you line the old chamber with a Wet Pak kit or is it totally gone?

    You haven't got much to lose it's either that or replace the furnace
  • Drewmaster
    Drewmaster Member Posts: 2

    Thank you for your answers.
    As far as concerns Lynn, none of their universal chambers is even vaguely of the correct configuration.
    Yes, Lynn makes many application-specific chambers (but none for this make and model), but they are catalog'ed by model number of intended application and no dimensions are listed.

    The original Oneida chamber is crumbled - definitely too far gone to reline as-is with a wet pack. I've considered replacing the entire chamber with wet pack, but note the stainless steel support in this phototgraph - this chamber and support is from a different make of furnace, but is similar to that in the Oneida Royal:

    The type of support shown would not work well as a form for wet pack as the support is too open. So, repair of the existing support is right out. I could fabricate a new support from an institutional-sized stainless steel cooking pot; one of approximately correct size is available from several online retailers for about $60. I would cut off the rolled rim, remove the handles and weld on the tabs from the original support. Then I'd cut a slot in the side of the pot. This should work as a support and as a form for the floppy wet pack until it hardens.

    Am I totally crazy?

  • Alan Welch
    Alan Welch Member Posts: 254
    Do a Google search for  castable refractory cement.  It hardens like cement/ brick.   Don't know how it would work in your situation though. 
  • Ctoilman
    Ctoilman Member Posts: 63
    Try and retrofit a chamber from another manufacturer, ones that come to mind would be Hallmark and Thermopride.

    Even still, I wouldn't condone this approach since I really don't believe it's a valid long term solution, and flately could cause an unsafe condition, not so much now, but rather once after many heating and cooling cycles.  
    Think of it this way, would you rather replace the furnace now when you and your family doesn't need heat OR do it when it's 10 degrees outside and Christmas morning?
    Alan Welch
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