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Indirect tank with coil at top?

Ahead Member Posts: 2
Continuing my research on utilizing an electric water heater tank for both area heating and DHW... (NOTE: Please accept this as THE solution; I don't wish to get into all the details as to my reasons for this "choice"- I am just looking to see how this solution could be implemented).

Is there an indirect tank with electric heating element (usually referred to as backup) with a single coil/exchanger that's at the top of the tank?

I need to pull heat OUT of the tank, in which case I need to pull from the top of the tank. All tanks that I can find have coils/exchangers at the bottom of the tank.

I suppose that if I have to I can look to utilize a standard electric heater tank and run recirc loops to plate heat exchangers for each heating need (one for DHW and one for area heating): at one point I was set on doing this for the DHW to avoid storing potable water; I can, however, take it or leave it. Don't know, however, how I'd plumb the ins and outs of the tank: whether I could Tee ins and outs to serve both exchanger loops; pretty sure that check valves and such would be important.


  • Jon_blaney
    Jon_blaney Member Posts: 322
    Get a custom tank. I think Vaughn may do that.
  • bob eck
    bob eck Member Posts: 930

    Check out Vaughn solar tanks. I think they start at 65 gallons. Maybe they can build a 50 gallon tank for you.
  • Ahead
    Ahead Member Posts: 2
    Thanks, folks. I'd spotted Vaughn, but was concerned about the hydrastone lined tank, shipping costs. Their 2-coil unit (top and bottom) might be the ticket (I wouldn't use the lower one). I've sent them an inquiry as to whether utilizing a 6kW element would be OK (their specs say wiring is good for it).

    I'm actually leaning toward an 80 gallon tank, so sizing here is fine.
  • Pat_11
    Pat_11 Member Posts: 49
    Heat Flo solar tank with two coils.
  • Lyle {pheloa} Carter
    Lyle {pheloa} Carter Member Posts: 59
    If you're not in a hurry you may save on shipping cost by having the tank shipped to your local distributor with the distributors normal delivery.