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Apartment radiator is “off” but still heats up

Helpmeplz Member Posts: 1
Hi there, I moved into an apartment with radiant heat. There are two radiators in my place, one in the living room and bathroom. My living room one is turned off and is fine. My bathroom one is supposedly turned off and blasts heat. My maintenance claims it is due to pipe weathering. But my wouldn’t both radiators have this issue and not just one. My place is like 80 plus degrees always and it’s unbearable. 


  • chuckadoo
    chuckadoo Member Posts: 30
    Must have two pipe steam or hot water? Either way, it is most likely a bad shutoff valve.
  • neilc
    neilc Member Posts: 2,708
    or one pipe steam , , , flip the vent , , ,

    post a picture of both ends of the overheating radiator,
    known to beat dead horses
  • Helpmeplz
    Helpmeplz Member Posts: 1
    Here is a picture of the overheating radiator.
  • ChicagoCooperator
    ChicagoCooperator Member Posts: 355
    edited March 2021
    Looks like two-pipe steam (assuming that's a trap on the left hand side). You should be able to turn it off with the valve.
  • bburd
    bburd Member Posts: 923
    edited March 2021
    If the shutoff valve doesn’t work and management is not willing to repair it, you could remove the cover from that convector and use aluminum foil to block airflow through the heating element inside, either fully or partially. Then put the cover back.

    It also looks like there is an uninsulated steam riser to the right of the convector. You could cover that with fiberglass pipe insulation if it gets hot.