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New boiler question

Ultra2424 Member Posts: 3
We had a new high efficiency combi-boiler installed, an NTI TRX 150C. It's for radiant floor heat and DHW using natural gas. Does the boiler turn on ONLY when there is a call for either DHW or radiant heat?

So far we love the boiler and it's efficiency. Also this forum is by FAR the most helpful and courteous people of any forum/website I've ever been on. Thank you!
In_New_EnglandAlan (California Radiant) ForbesEdTheHeaterMan


    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,623
    With no call for heat or DHW it should be off
  • db2022
    db2022 Member Posts: 2
    I have a NTI TRX 150C that is keeping the internal temp at 130 deg. continuously.
    DHW comfort setting is "OFF"
    Any thoughts on why the boiler maintains 130 deg when no call for heat or DHW?

    I appreciate any help on this.
  • In_New_England
    In_New_England Member Posts: 130
    @db2022 the boiler may have a setting to keep the DHW side warm.
  • Alan (California Radiant) Forbes
    Alan (California Radiant) Forbes Member Posts: 4,050
    edited May 2022
    @db2022 If you haven't already done so, get into the programming and cycle through the values for the DHW COMFORT function to end up with a value of "0" - deactivated.

    Page 72 of the manual here.
    If that doesn't solve the problem, call NTI technical support.
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  • hot_rod
    hot_rod Member Posts: 22,258
    it will add an extra minute or so to get hot water is you chose the cold boiler option. With fire tube style boilers you need to heat the volume in the boiler up to 130 or so before you get hot water
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  • db2022
    db2022 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for your suggestions. I'll try to dig a bit deeper in the tech menu. I had selected comfort "OFF" in the home owner menu and had confirmed it's setting as "OFF". Holiday weekend here in U.S. So a call will have to wait until Tuesday.
  • Tom_133
    Tom_133 Member Posts: 888
    It may be good to turn it off and on again and make sure setting of "off" took.
    Montpelier Vt