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Bell and Gossett 100 leak. Brand new

Hi all. I recently purchased a home with a gas powered radiant heat hot water boiler system. The bearing assembly and pump failed, due to lack of oiling according to service tech. Brand new bearing assembly and B&G 100 pump installed less than a week ago. Everything was working fine and still is actually but there is leaking new today. I will admit I didn't realize over oiling could be a problem so I was a little over zealous with the oil and it overflowed out of both motor tubes on day of install after I added. Fast forward to today and there is a leak right under the coupler between bearing assembly and motor. Off white colored liquid. There was A LOT. Could this be due to sagging motor mounts or would it be something else? All parts are brand new, would sagging occur in less than a week? Would putting on new motor mounts solve the issue? Thanks for all your help.


  • iPipefitter
    iPipefitter Member Posts: 15
    edited February 2021
    I work inhouse as a Pipefitter/steamfitter, and have had to rebuild a few of these. The seal could be bad and it could need to be rebuilt, which isn't that difficult. Although the seals are quite expensive. I had one leak on me a couple weeks ago and I had to rebuild the pump replace the seal and it was good to go. In my case the motor was also sagging, so I welded up a stand to help support it. It's been running fine ever since. Whenever I rebuild a pump I always use petrol gel, as it helps lubricate the parts, make sure the seals are good and you may have to replace the gaskets too. It's kind of hard to tell based off the picture but maybe I could share a picture of what I'm talking about where the one I had was leaking and where I rebuilt it.

    Let me know if this helps or you have any other questions. I'm more than happy to help.

    Here's a video that may help,

  • TrapperTodd
    TrapperTodd Member Posts: 3
    edited February 2021
    I would hope that since I just paid nearly $$$$ for parts and labor if it was a defect in the seals or something else other than what could have been caused by over oiling the company would handle that. I put a call in to them but so far no response. Does this seem like a problem that could be caused by simply too much oil?
  • iPipefitter
    iPipefitter Member Posts: 15
    No I've never encountered a problem where I added too much oil. However, if no oil is added the friction can wear down the parts very quickly. This is just my experience, it's a daily task where I work to check all the oil levels on pumps in order to ensure longevity. I think the lack of oil caused the seal to fail and thus replacing the seal should fix the problem.
  • TrapperTodd
    TrapperTodd Member Posts: 3
    The entire bearing assembly and impeller is brand new. That would include this seal I believe.
  • iPipefitter
    iPipefitter Member Posts: 15
    Yes, if it's a brand new pump everything should be brand new. Just something to check, the seal could've been defective or it could be an entirely different problem. Did they use Gortex as a gasket or do you know what they used? Whenever I have a leak I take it all apart and inspect all the pieces, and I always replace the seal and the gasket, again this is just my experience of working on and inspecting these daily. I could upload a picture of what a good seal should look like if that helps? One right out of the packaging.
    JUGHNE Member Posts: 11,021
    Does the newer bearing assembly have an oiler port?
    IIRC, new install instructions require installer to oil bearing assembly before start up.
    Did he do this if required.

    Over oiling the motor would only eventually cause sagging motor mounts.....after perhaps years, certainly not within a week.

    Over oiling the bearing assembly (if applicable) IIRC would cause the oil to drip out of a seep hole on the bottom....make a mess of things.

    Show the top view so we can see all the oil ports (2 or 3).
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,295
    Is the liquid coming from the motor or the bearing assembly?
    HVACNUT Member Posts: 5,733
    Why didn't you just get a comparable wet rotor pump?