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2 pipe steam using recessed radiators

clammy Member Posts: 3,094
Just wondering how many success stories out there on piping 2 pipe steam for recessed radiators and having them operate quietly . What I have noticed and dis like is that there both feeding from the bottom and there issues w condensate pooling on the inlet of the radiator even w no supply valves they create a lot of noise as the steam tries to push past the condensate which pools on the inlet . This occurs on every cycle Nd only on the recessed radiator . Personally I would have never installed recessed in a 2 pipe but there installed and work noisely .i think the inherit issue is the construction of the radiator being all the top feed bottom return rads are fine and personally aside from convectors and possible one or two bottom feed radiators I never seen recessed radiators used on a 2 pipe system without issues ,I m also running under 4 ounces of pressure so over pressurization isn’t a issue ,main and dry return vents are working great n no by passing rad traps . I personnally would have installed stand alone radiators over recessed . I know they work fine as a single pipe but on 2 pipe real issues on a side note the boilers near boiler piping is below par using a single riser for 300 mbtu and these recessed radiators have worked terribly for more the 20 years . I have thought of adding orificed inlet valves but both space and condensate drain back on the supply I feared would result in other issues also thought of orifice plates but the same issues w run outs draining back seemed to be a issue in my mind possibly causing hammered and noise issues . On the side note everything else is functioning properly and heat is now at every rad even one that never got hot but the recessed radiators are killing me w the noise . The HO is happier that everything else is working and the noise is less but for me it still ain’t right .as I told them all the noise in the radiators is not how a 2 pipe steam system sound it should be just about silent .Any thoughts or real life success stories . Peace and good luck clammy
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